There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. A lot of whom fast during Ramadan every year. During this month, many of them fear gaining a ton of fat and wasting …



  1. I saw this video today 25/7/20 currently lost some strength due to gyms being closed and Ramadan I’m 16 and was benching 60 x6 @67kg body weight today I’m 60 and doing 57.5kg for 4 reps is that a bad or good thing

  2. Thanks for being awesome bro. And I'm seeing this video pretty late. I tried working out during Ramadan, but then I noticed I have lesser energy than the usual, and recovery times are higher too after working out. A week in with 3 days of exercises really put a toll on my eating patterns, as its not easy to set up a personal diet plan when at home. So I had to take the harder decision to drop exercising altogether till the month end, from which point I'm thinking to start up again. :-/ Sad of losing some those good gains I had, but looking forward to restarting my fitness journey.

    But this is good info that I can keep for the future.

  3. Wow, you really put in the effort on researching everything needed for this video, i don't usually comment on stuff but i really appreciate it when someone puts in the time and effort to do this, respect


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