Burning fat without losing muscle can be a real challenge if you don’t make strength training a top priority and spend too much time and effort burning yourself …



  1. Personally I wake up and eat some fruit, you hurt and nuts. Then I do a little dynamic stretching after 45 minutes to let me my food digest proper. Then I go for a jog for about 20 minutes. After I eat my breakfast, let my food digest for about an hour, then I do my strength training. I feel way less tense because of that light morning cardio and have more stability, range of motion (not too loose but loose enough), and it just make me feel so much lighter during my strength training. Then after that I stretch and eat a post workout meal. Later in the day I eat a second post workout meal. I also eat fruits and nuts in between meals.

  2. I do cardio every morning, strength every evening. What kills gains is running a 10k every day. A 2 mile run isn't going to kill your gains. If anything it will increase your work capacity and give you a little more oomph in your strength training.

  3. From what I have been reading lately it seems that interval sprints are the best cardio for calorie burning. The short bursts of rapid intensity followed by a short cool down (I usually walk on my rest-recovery/cool down back to the sprint starting point) seems to be helping my fat loss more than longer cardio like biking, jogging, and walking, and in a shorter amount of time doing it. I have read that you even keep burning calories for a time after you are finished sprinting but you stop burning calories almost immediately once you stop jogging. Any thoughts on interval sprints as cardio? I am going to keep it up until I lose this last stubborn love handles that have not wanted to go away.

  4. Caloric deficit, don't avoid foods you like(binging can occur if this happens) daily steps at the correct amount per day, adjust frequency of workouts to how you are feeling that day. How i do it, lost 60lbs so far.

  5. Hey Matt, do you think doing 2 rounds of your iso-dynamic exercises (like the jackknife pull ups) a week done with proper form and mind-muscle connection is enough stimulus to build muscle? Or are 3 – 6 rounds a week (3 – 6 minutes) better?

  6. The one important thing is to do some warm-up before any newly added routines. You have to let your body slowly ease into it, with small workouts at first. Whenever you introduce something new to your brain and body you have to first let them be acquainted, as if they were strangers.

  7. What you can do, is to change some of your workouts to circuits, in sted of doing:
    Exercise 1, 1 min rest 4 times
    Exercise 2, 1 min rest 4 times
    Exercise 3, 1 min rest 4 times
    you can do something like:
    Exercise 1, 15 sec rest, Exercise 2, 15 sec rest, Exercise 3, 2 min rest, 4 times
    So basically this kind of thing work if you're not building pure strength, so basically all the exercises should have at least 8 repetitions

  8. In my 26 years of various training regimes, from max strength to max VO2 training, I've found that the best cardio to support strength training is simple walking. No running, no stair climbing, no crazy HIIT workouts, just a brisk (>4mph) walk on most days, 25 miles per week, and between 2 and 8 miles on any one day.

  9. I usually do HIIT to trim fat down. The EPOC effect is accentuated with that practice, while aerobic exercise (which also has EPOC effect, though people don't talk much about it) burns more calories during the exercise. So, even if I workout using a Tabata protocol for your pauses, giving the highest intensity you can during the same exercises you already do, you will benefit from that long EPOC effect. Usually I do that with some leg and abs work (squats, lunges, Russian twists, knee tucks, etc.). Sometimes I feel a very small kind of fever after that, but I've never been curious enough to search about it.

  10. Just avoid running long distance running, as your body will shrink due to fact the body wants to become efficient then it can faster and further, so body Does not need the extra muscle , similar to if you want make your car go faster you need to strip it down or get a motor bike. If you carry logs all day your still doing cardio but the body needs to retain muscles. You need to strength cardio , I do 2 -3 hrs daily weighted 2lb jump rope for 1 hr , jump on the trampoline for 1hr , then go for walk with 30 kg weighted vest , then I’ll do my pull and chin up 120 reps it’s amazing how the body adapts

  11. Anything where you are not huffing and puffing a lot- like walking is one of the absolute best ways to burn fat. Throw some strength training and intermittent fasting into the mix and you are good to go!


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