10 minute STANDING ABS indoor workout for women over 50! low impact workout to reduce belly fat and create a flat stomach…This Ab toning workout is …



  1. I really hope you enjoyed this workout! If you’re ready for even more, a great workout to pair with this one is the 10 minute toned arm workout which helps build up the strength in your arms and gets rid of those bat wings. Click the link below to get started now ⬇️
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  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement and fitness clips. When we went into lockdown my husband looked up ideas for working out at home. I am so glad he found your fitness clips and he even works out with me! Huge thank you.

  3. I absolutely love these fabulous fifties work outs !!! Being an x dancer, at 62 i can follow all these exercise programmes and add extra if needed, they are meaningful and workouts for all body parts. thank you 5678 !!!!!!!!!

  4. Loved these exercises..I do a combination every other day..I'm approaching 2months since I started…and can already see and feel the benefits…thanks shellea

  5. Been doing some Palates but added this 10 min abs one. Just discovered doing stuff on U Tube, I know, way behind the times but Covid has changed my world like many others. I'm over 70 and finding this perfect for me. Thank you, thank you


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