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  1. This video has good information, but I'm confused about the best diet plan that I should use, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several folks talk about amazing things about Custokebon Secrets.

  2. Dude you got it all wrong.. anyone that actually knows their stuff knows that high intensity cardio aka hit cardio is detrimental for muscle growth… you said it yourself.. body builders to moderate cardio (slow, not intense) why do they do this??? TO KEEP GAINS.. people go to your research don’t listen to this moron

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  4. I have a question so if i go to the gym n lift 5x a week ( its light weight) and also do some of the burning fat videos u post or do the hills will I still be burning fat and building muscle or will that make me burn muscle also ?

  5. Hey Bro, I love your videos because ……….You get right to the point instead of going on and on and on and on if you get my drift? Also when it comes to fitness i follow science ( Science behind fitness) and your methods are spot on. You have gained a follower today. Look forward in watching more of your videos . Cheers Mate ! Wishing you a great day and a awesome week !

  6. @BarbarianBody hey there a new member here it was a great video and I have a problem related to this very videoI have a lot more fat in lower abs area and on sides(glutes) Can you recommended a 10-15 min hiit workout targeting lower abs that can I do after my specific body part exercise as I feel treadmill will not allow me to gain muscle mass but I really have to cut on my lower stomach fat

  7. BarbarianBody ive just recently found your channel and man… i have to say you one one of the few genuine people that actually are trying to help other people get gains!!! im 19 years old been playing baseball my entire life and made it to the college level until unfortunately a back injury that caused me to be bed rest in a hospital for about 4-5 months. Ive been able to get myself in shape again but been struggling to lose belly fat which i have never really had before. All of your videos are really informative and helping me see improvements without all the BS. Thanks man!

  8. I'm 15 years old and I'm trying to lose body fat, gain more muscle and be lean. I'm coming to an end on my second week on a ketogenic diet eating 60 carbs per day and planning to move down to 20 for my last two weeks. I started out at 165 lbs and am currently down 156.5 lbs in the morning. However before I get fully committed to 20 carbs I was wondering if this is healthy for me considering I'm only 15. If not do you have any suggestions for a diet to accomplish my goal? (I also go to the gym everyday)

  9. Hey man,

    I just wanted to say I just subscribed because I love the topics you cover, the simplicity, consistency and the artwork.

    Keep making great videos man! I'm learning!


  10. No hate, but when you suggest HIIT cardio and do not specify for which people is HIIT (young people with no medical issues), this is not smart. HIIT and especially Plyo Training IS NOT for people over the age of 35-40. They are effective, no question about it,but in the long run they will fuck up your ligaments and tendons.

  11. You learn something new every day. Ever since I've been watching your videos, my exercise routines have been adjusting and leaves me more exhausted than before. In a good way! Awesome videos, dude! Thanks for all the useful tips and tricks! 😀


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