LOVE HANDLES & BELLY FAT WORKOUT | Standing Only – Home Workout. Exercises for love handles exercises for anyone struggling with belly fat. Standing …



  1. When I got to this workout after the belly and thigh one you did, I actually started sweating. Love what you do, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 💯

  2. i love your workouts, like honestly 😂💗. you’re so motivating and i be feeling like you’re right there next to me! always puts a smile on my face! 💪🏾🥰

  3. I LOVE your videos. It's the little things; the music, you talking, the previews. Everything is perfect. I can't tell you how many videos I start and I'm like, nah, back to Koboko! Thank you for everything you do. 💙

  4. Wow! A workout that I actually had fun doing? It’s just cause of u Cola we love you I love you! Thank you for doing this to help us. You make me feel hype and wanting to workout your awesome ❤️

  5. I've tried my fair share of workout videos but I gotta say that this workout was the most funnnnn! The exercises themselves weren't so intense, but I was still able to feel them abs burning and working so I absolutely recommend this for someone who's starting to work out and get in the groove of it!! Absolutely love it! I'm gonna keep watching this vid, thank you!! ❤

  6. Soo, I've been coming back and this is my fourth time doing this work out! I love, love, love, love, LOVE it! My favorite thing about this video and these workouts is that's they're all standing! I'm not crazy about the floor workouts… And I'm not insane about that last one, but it's getting easier!! Going to incorporate these two times a day. Morning and before bed. ☺️

  7. I didn't want to workout because I injured my hip doing exercises last week and I was feeling like shit about my body. This video hyped me up and thank you so much for the compliments 🥺 love you 💕

  8. Did this again from a month two since the last time working out and i felt it lol but it was so enjoyable.. Girl you are my go to!!!! If you struggling from getting back up im here to tell you that YOU CAN!!! and you will feel so much bettee after i promise

  9. Hey I like your videos
    Please could u make a video on how to get rid of that belly pooch, lower belly fat . I have this problem since when I was 15 year and I'm 22 year BTW I'm skinny
    Thnk u I'm waiting ur answer …

  10. Hey kola! I have trouble engaging my core and I know that takes effort to learn, but I wondering if you know anything that could engage it for me just to get me going! Just found you channel and have done your workouts for a few days now and love them! Thank you!


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