How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week? This is the last video about losing body fat, that you ever need! #bellyfat #fatloss #homeworkout Full Home program schedule …



  1. You can't lose fats in 1 week. What's up with this YouTubers fooling people who does these only for money.. If you want real advice, go watch jeff cavalier or greg doucette videos

  2. From 5months
    I stopped taking.. Sugar, Flour, Refined Food and Fast Food and only eating housemade food.. With only 2chapatis 3times a day and No Rice.. Still from 5months i didn't see a single difference in my Belly Fat.. And you're talking about 1week LOL!

  3. well in my hypertrophy training, i have 30g almonds morning and 30g almonds in evening. + all the olive oil and fat i take from other sources…. what do you mean not more than 40g a day, that's nothing (if you train every day ofc)

  4. dude your website no work :(….I click on 'begin' and nothing happens; am using google chrome on linux (if that's any help in recreating the bug/error); anyway – fantastic job….and your journey is very inspiring!!!

  5. brooo😂😂😂 some people work for years to get great shape and you are posting "how to lose belly fat in 1 week" and then you ask yourself why bad comnents exist😂 come on

  6. Omg Igor you are the best jesus u give the motivation the tips and everything for free and its so cool i love you and i love your videos, and i love your accent 😀


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