Can you lose body fat without cardio or is it something which needs to be done? Which form of cardio is best? Training programmes – …



  1. I call BS here sorry mate.. Youre still 'young' .. Im 50 now and can bulk up as easy as you can , … my oldmans gene (Yorkshire boiler maker etc etc bahh bahh).. shredding is way harder. – Mike Laughton.

  2. Hi Mike, my question about cardio and calories is if my body tipe is endomorph and I'm verry strict with calories can i go under 20% body fat without cardio, just with diet and weight lifting?

  3. I see lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried this popular fat loss system?

  4. I lost about 27 kilos in the last 5 months using cardio and weights, but I also lost a lot in muscle mass as well. Going to stop cardio for a month and double the amount of weight lifting, is what I've been telling myself for the past month but I cannot stop cardio, Im addicted to the feeling of running and watching the "calories burned" numbers go up faster and faster.

  5. Starvation mode is proven wrong mate. When you ”fast” your body goes into autoghapy mode and growth hormones activates. Therefore being on a calorie deficite improves your health and also if you do keto your muscles will stand out.

  6. Not really. You just need to control the quality and quantity of your diet. Esp. stay off the carbs, and increase the good fats. Go keto and 'fast.

  7. Only a complete novice would believe cardio is needed for fat loss. Fat loss occurs only when a deficit occurs. Most people you see endlessly doing cardio day after day are still fat cos they never get serious with their diet. 400cals burnt doing cardio then leaves the gym and instantly eats 400+ cals. 😃 Try lowering your blooming carbs for once! 😃😂

  8. The reason it all depends… you have different types tube watchers gleaning what they can from all of these videos for what they think is best for them. As far as me I’ve been overweight since the 2nd grade. I’ve had years where I was lean and I’ve always put weight back on plus. I’m about 50 now and in my 20’s I had Arnolds encyclopedia or ‘bible’ book. Now I watch videos. Last year I was 407 lbs. got down to 313 lbs. however I had personal issues that took over my life and no time for exercising. Now a year later (personal issues over)(operations and my house had to be gutted to the stud and rebuilt while dealing with 4 insurance companies over it)
    I’m back to doing cardio to get back to a safe weight where I’m not afraid to throw a knee out when doing squats. I still do dumbell exercises but at 20 reps. I personally need endurance/ good cardio and all of that stuff. If I was 60 lbs overweight I might strictly try to turn it all into muscle. I’m trying to watch these videos to create a workout where I’m retaining and adding muscle while burning off fat. As far as my diet I’m working on a life change but being married with kids doesn’t mean I only prepare a meal for myself. I appreciate your videos and like everyone else I try to take something away from it but know if you had the chance to individualize a video for each of us the videos would be vastly different for each of us. By the way, I’m a caterer and half the year we are doing 300 plus weddings (not to mention a lot of other events) half the year we are slow enough where I can concentrate on myself and work out. Can’t get a different job. I own the company now and it’s all I know. Look forward to gleaning other nuggets from your videos. My cardio exercise is on a reconvene bike. Good in my bad knee. It’s funny how I’ve managed to workout off and on for the past 30 years only to put it back on plus more each time. I started being only 20 lbs overweight and it builds up every time I gained it back. Viscious cycle. If I had a 9 to 5 job then who knows but I’ve had a chaotic job for 30 years where working 6 to 7 days a week half of the year doesn’t make for an ideal structured all year plan

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