Do you want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Today I’ll be sharing a simple morning routine that you can do everyday that will help to reduce that belly fat, and get …



  1. This is all great but the most important thing is reducing your caloric intake. Way easier to eat 300 less calories then do another hour of cardio. Like, don't eat that final quesadilla at midnight. Stop eating cheese on your sandwich and on your dinner. Whatever, make a choice and one or two places of your nutritional plan and add the cardio to that and now you have 600 calories less… That should help unless you are eating way way too much! Anyway, good stuff!

  2. Belly fat is belly fat! Everybody has a six pack. Loose your fat and you will have a six pack. 90% of my workout is legs. And yet I always have been asked what abs exercises I do. I don’t ! Just eat clean

  3. For some reason in my 30s I try to lose weight but it becomes like my thighs and legs lose all the weight and stay big upper. I used to lose weight evenly. I want to lose weight but evenly but not too thin. Want to look healthy…

  4. Seated side to side heel touches 45 sec
    Seated scissor kicks 45 sec
    Side to side plank touches 45 sec
    Side plank 45 sec
    Knee to elbow sit ups 45 sec
    Lying x reaches 45 sec
    Crunch hold 45 sec
    Raised plank Jacks 45 sef
    Side crunches 45 sec


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