Hope you guys enjoy this workout! Arm Toner Wrokout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzbTg… Full body workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67CQr.



  1. Enemy soldier: Sir, we have an enemy unit incoming!
    Enemy Commanding Officer: What is it?
    ES: I don't know!
    ECO: Describe it to me.
    ES: Well sir, its… its a human tank!!
    ECO: Oh, it must be Josh Bruekner then.
    ES: ………….

  2. I am entered for the Iphone 11 giveaway!! I just want to let you guys know that ilysm!! You guys mean the world to me!! You are my biggest influencer!! You have the best videos in the world!! I am subscribed to you on Jatie Vlogs also on J80FIT!! and have post notifications on!! BTW awesome workouts☺. I follow you both on Instagram and also follow jatiebeauty and j80fit on instagram. My insta is at @karly_eckert10. Have an amazing day!!

  3. Just wanted to let y’all know this is by far my favorite ab workout. I have been doing ab workouts videos everyday. And I have never felt my ab burn like they did in this video. They hurt and were tight but was still realistic and did not make me want to stop in the middle of a workout. Luv this video so much and will definitely add it to my workout routine

  4. Oh my gosh pleaseee keep doing these workouts for J80 fit. They are amazing! Most workouts are expensive and you have to buy them. These are really helpful for people not wanting to spend a lot of money on a workout plan. You guys are amazing and I love your brands! Keep up the amazing work!❤️

  5. Even though u had back surgery I still pushing its tiring but I'm doing it and the sad part about this is I couldn't find my sports bra tmr I'm going to running and another sad part about this is my family got rid of there treadmill but my cousin has one i think and I even had surgery on my knees

  6. Poor Katie. Obviously her lower abs aren’t as strong as joshes but she looked like she was really struggling. At least they show it. Most people will edit it out. Congrats.


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