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  1. Truth. I’ve been bulking for three years and I’ve tried to cut a few times in those months last a few weeks and stopped now I dropped my insecurity of loosing muscle and now I’m on week 7 and still going strong. I also think it got to the point where I was like yeah I’m a bit too big it’s time

  2. So true. I remember this guy in my gym, just looked jacked all of a sudden after me not seeing him for a short time and I commented to him that he looks huge and he said he’d just lost fat.

  3. Or you could lift weights then do cardio. That's what I did in strength and conditioning at my school. And I am a wrestler for my school. I gained muscle and lost fat in the duration so you could try that I guess.

  4. I'm eating at maintenance with a LONG (5hrs) upper body workout and legs every other day. I have some cardio in it doing abs and I lose weight FAST. Any cardio I do works twice as much than average. I've tried regular cardio but I start dropping weight too fast and lose muscle. Any advice for me or should I just continue?

  5. I'm a female afraid of the same thing, well I wouldn't mind a thinner frame and smaller arms but I'm afraid to lose the butt and legs I worked so hard to gain… but thanks for the motivation I'm just going to go for it and whatever happens happens. It's time to show off the muscle underneath that fat!


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