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  1. One thing I get that carbohydrates take as high as possible. Because glycogen used more as compare to fat. So more glycogen more fat loss mean you can workout more because you have glycogen. While fat burned at faster rate when your body gets heat up

  2. this dude said to keep carbs high? what an idiot, thatll make u fat unless ur using steroids lol. just keep fat high instead, ull do way better. a keto diet is way better for preventing muscle loss and cutting and or building muscle at the same time. its called bulk cutting. works extremely well.

  3. It's really easy to put muscle while losing fat. My story: I read tonnes of scientific articles before starting my workout. As a newbie, I worked out for three months on a high protein diet supported by only natural carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal, fruit and vegetables. I didn't eat any processed product and anything that includes flour, sugar and salt (The only exception was a 100g bar of chocolate every day). I didn't do cardio at all. My workout routine was 6 days a week, 4 days endurance and two days strength training. On my workout-free day, I ate whatever I wanted. At the end of that three month period, I did not lose any weight. However, I didn't have a belly for the first time in my life, and packed a lot of muscles all over my body. To top it off I built a 6 pack, again for the first time in my life. One last interesting detail I'd like to share is I never did 3 sets. (I was a 38 year old male of 84kg body weight at the time). Today I'm 95kg with a huge belly and just started working out exactly as I did before.

  4. So he said, eat more carbs so you get more energy and burn more fat in the gym ? That means working out way harder because you got so many carbs in your system…

  5. So much Internet bs…. Yes you can do it slow and steady…. And find that you only lost 1kg of fat after 6 months. I have been on a keto diet, with low calories moderate carbs and high protein and have lost 4 kg of body fat, no muscle mass lost just in 3 weeks.

  6. Am I supposed to eat 210G protein as I'm 210lbs bodyweight? Most people say to have 1.5 gram per kilogram bodyweight but you say per pound? It will knock my carbs down a fair bit having 210g protein


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