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  1. i have a skinny fat kind of body, with no curves, what would you do first ? diet for losing all that fat around my waist, or eat a lot in order to build butt muscle and then do a diet to lose body fat ?

  2. Is that multiply weight by 10 for calorie deficit pretty universal for all body types? Its just I'm 110lb 5"5 and probably consume more or less 2000 cal per day with no noticeable gain or loss of weight. 1100cal is hardly anything!

  3. Hi Bella, great video! You motivated me to work on my booty and I got your booty domination program and it was working girl !!! The problem is that I sprained my foot two weeks ago and it’s still bothering me, so I can’t do too much in terms of cardio or HIIT, I can put my weight on the heel which is good cause most of the lower body exercises require that. What do you think I should do that will keep me trimmed? I usually go boxing or do Orange Theory Fitness but can’t do those with my foot. What do you think about them anyways?


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