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  1. Been doing cardio for the last 2 weeks…low impact 30 min….trying to cut for a beach vacation next month…I've lost 8 pounds…but today before my cardio, I could only hit 6 pull ups…2 weeks ago, I was doing 12 straight…wtf

  2. you can also pack on musclemass with calisthenics aka bodyweight exercises if you want. can do alot of pushups? try archer pushups. squats are too easy? try pistol squats. if u wanna build muscle with calisthenics, stay in a low rep range, below 10 max 12. its not that different from weights in that regard. if you can easily do more than 12 reps, its time to choose a harder exercise (if you want to build muscle). it really aint rocketscience either. im doing it as well btw, my main thing is calisthenics and i just recently found your channel. i was looking for a cardioexercise thats effective AND fun, and here we are 😀 its a combination i do like alot. much love!

  3. Hi. Does this apply to half marathon training? I do strength training (stronglifts 5×5) 3 days per week but will be doing a half marathon in March. I haven’t much experience running but I am worried about losing strength an muscle mass. I’m thinking of continuing the weightlifting on Monday Wednesday and Fridays and running on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. Rest Sunday. Does that sound like a good plan? Thank for any advice 🙏👍

  4. Question… I do cycling .. which is a very intensive sport that burns alot of calories…I mean alot…I can burn up to 3000 cals on a tough training ..but usually around 1000 … I don't want to become big but I wanna have some a good muscles mass(like for example a nice looking chest and back ) ..what can I do to get this physic while still doing my cycling…

  5. Good points, alot of people support weight training only for weight and fat loss. I did this for sometime and just noticed myself becoming bigger and bigger with more muscles hidden under fat. Now that I started incorporating cardio I am getting leaner no muscle loss at all. I do not care for cardio but I will continue to do it because it keeps you lean but more importantly it works wonders for your carduovascular health as well.

  6. Hi dudes. Thanks for the vid. So here is my confusion. According to your calculator high activity since I workout 5 days a week, I need to be at 2085 calories to be at a deficit and lose. So with that said do I consume 2085 and not worry about the calories burnt with workouts? Example MyFitnessPal shows I consumed 2085 but burnt 500 in exercise putting me at a total of 1585 for the day. Do I consume more to reach 2085 or stay at having ate 2085 but burnt 500? I want to stay at a respectable calorie deficit 20 to 25% at the most. This seems like it would put me at to much of a deficit. Can you help me clarify precisely how to manage it? Thanks so much!

  7. Another point that could be made, Cardio improves your blood flow which helps your muscles get the nutrients they need more efficiently. So cardio actually INCREASES muscle mass. Now, nothing BUT cardio, yeah that will cause catabolism

  8. On the ZDF calculator, maybe it's just me using mobile, but I'm confused what the low/medium/high buttons below the caloric goal function as, and the macro percentages aren't labeled, so I don't know what I'm doing.
    I have my own health regimen diet which is very high in plant fats and proteins, almost no meat, carbs vary, and I'm highly active with walking my dog lots and also boxing and body weight exercises. Clean, healthy fats (eg. Coconut, nuts) are the most efficient fuels sources for the body (9 food calories per gram compared to 4/g in carbs or proteins, though the body uses 1/3 of the energy of proteins just to digest/metabolize them), and fats produce less free radicals when metabolized. I've had to develop my own diet because I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2008, and only get flare ups nowadays when I eat [too much] meats and cheeses and processed wheat etc. Anyway, I'm curious to figure out how to use the calculator and measure things out!!!


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