You guys!! I can’t believe we hit 5 million!!! 10 years ago, I was uploading YouTube videos to just 40 of my students. NOW THERE’S 5 MILLION OF YOU?



  1. Please more videos of this length!! I looove it, I can add more videos or just do it by itself and feel like I got a lot done. It feels more complete than a super fast 10 min one.

  2. I have a question for @blogilates , its hard for me to breathe while doing the hip twists, any recomendations on how to control my breathing during this move? I exhale without wanting during the twist

  3. After May 4th and May 5th calendar I'm literally feeling abs pop out of my tummy. 😬 The burn is real and I don't understand how people can say day 2 got easier (because I'm literally dying). 🔥🔥🔥 On the plus side I already saw a difference after 1 day so I must be doing something right lol. Maybe I can get a 6 pack after this week? 🤣

  4. i think this is my favorite workout so far. I did most of these moves during the 100 ab challenge and doing this video just now i really felt how far I have come, which i think is really cool because Cassey and all the popsters are looking back on ten years and seeing how far this community has come. Looking back and feeling strong rather than feeling ashamed is fairly new to me. So thank you Cassey for being a huge part of that <3

    P.S. this is my favorite workout because it's like the first one I've done without stopping. I am so grateful and humbled and proud all at once 🙂

  5. omg… I only did the waist whittler yesterday and I barely made it through this video today (without waist whittleR). Didn't realize my abs were this weak hah. It's going to be a challenge even doing abs for the entire week ^^;

  6. I was dreading this so much! Abs are my weakest muscle group and 25 minutes seemed unattainable for me, but I powered through this like it was nothing! I have been following the calendar for a few months now and I have so much more strength than I give myself credit for. I'm so proud!

  7. Girl my abs are SORE the day after this. Which absolute NEVER happens to me, I haven't had sore abs since I started doing crew. This is insane, will be doing this again for SURE.

  8. Can anyone recommend any good yoga mats because just using my carpet is hurting my hands and elbows. I was going to get one off the pop flex active website but there all out of stock 😔.


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