Motherhood is beautiful in every way. Be it the challenges it brings, or the beautiful new body it gives us. While many of us feel that the body transformation we …



  1. Thank you so much for this informative video…the things you describe are so practical…
    How to reduce the flab or the excess skin that is left out in the lower abdomen after delivery.?? Can you please advice in this regard???

  2. Hai chhavi… I am very fond of your channel sit.. Subtitles help me a lot since i dont understand hindi much.. I will be comfortable here also if subtitles are available here too.. I am really hoping for it yaar.. Please consider…

  3. Hi, I had cesarean and it’s been only one month. I m not able to take care of mine as much required. I live in abroad and I have no domestic help that’s why I started doing housework like cleaning washing cooking as well my babies care just before 1 week. I m little worried now about my health becoz I feel pain in my stitches and back too. Will it bother me rest of my life? And what care should take now. Pls suggest me.

  4. Very informative vedio. Because of this inspiring vedios I am able to enjoy motherhood without any stress. U explained it very well. Thank you so much. Waiting for more such information.

  5. As a doctor I can say , you are wrong on this and are misguiding new moms. You can not start with planks if you have a postpartum belly due to diastasis recti. Almost 2/3 rd females have some diastasis after delivery. Some , like me , who delivered twins recently have severe DR. May be you didn't have DR and just loss of tone of abs and hence you could lose your belly by Planks. Crunches and planks are a big no if one has diastasis recti. Please be informed n don't misguide new moms. At least you could have urged new moms to once consult a physical therapist to see what the actual issue is. You wasted no time in blaming your gynec for your delivery. At least you be responsible now.


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