Members share their fitness journeys Complete S-Line Body Program – Toned and Sculpted Back + Booty Part 1 …



  1. I will be trying this, I have lost all but my stomach and have been trying to strengthen my abs but it is soooooo Hard! I often times feel like quitting BUT if I do then I will not know if it's still possible for me to lose belly fat at 46, thank you!

  2. all your workouts are the absolute best. i discovered your channel around this time last year and the change i have seen has been AMAZING. keep doing what you're doing, Hana. thank you 💜

  3. Hello Hana! I have a question for you. I am a skinny girl and i am looking for workouts to help build a booty. A lot of people said that you are amazing at work outs so i wanted to try you. I have a fast metabolism and when i work out it all goes to my thighs and my butt ends up becoming smaller. I was wondering what workouts i should try or what programs to help me gain a booty. Im new to your channel so its all a little confusing to me. (Do i try all of your booty workouts?) Every workout i try doesn’t help. Please help me!

  4. Hi Hana hope you're doing good during this pandemic CORONA VIRUS… Dint expect the posture workout… Tried part 1 , very effective.. will keep doing the series completely… I have been seeing good improvement with myself… I really Thank you Hana for helping me out… Really appreciate your work, you make us use our time useful…. love you..❤

  5. I have a question, I already did the four back workouts you posted for four days and an waiting for other workouts to come out. Do we repeat the videos or is there a schedule on toning your back or are we resting?

  6. I really love your workout!! I will finish your lean leg workout program a week later, then I will start this one! also wishing there will be new legs and thigh workout!! thank you, hana!


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