If you’re on the journey to getting lean, here are 3 essential tips you need to know for how to lose fat without losing muscle. Apply these and you’ll see results.



  1. i truly appreciate your videos. I saw a bunch of other videos and ppl forget that not everyone wants to look like they are on steroids and have to rely on a company to remanufacture protein this and that stuff that may go out of business someday. You give natural, practical, and sustainable advice.

  2. Great video Mario. Disagree with the figure of losing 0.7% of body weight per week to preserve muscle, though. Muscle loss is highly over exaggerated. As long as protein levels are high (1g/lb like you said), resistance training is heavy (strength progress is being made, or worse case maintained), there is sufficient sleep, and EAAs or HMB is being supplemented with, one can still shoot for a much higher rate of fat loss without worrying about any muscle loss. Martin MacDonald and Lyle McDonald have spoken about this.

  3. Cardio is detrimental to me, I always end bloated and more fatigued. I live close to a mountain, I love going running or biking on the trail, unfortunally it hinders my fat loss. Also found a good balance in nutrition by having high carb high protein very low fat in the training days, which are 5-6 and one high fat (fats are essential to cells and immune system) in the rest day/s to recover better. Carbs are the best to keep excercising every day, no brainer, but come with a cost, you have to keep the dietary fats within a strict minimum or fat gain is inevitable.

  4. Great info thank you!! Extra walking helps me to keep lean all year round. Any chance of you doing more training videos in the future, it would be motivating to see your current training style?

  5. If youโ€™re not enhanced (higher protein synthesis than a natural) extra protein will increase glucose/insulin making u store/gain fat..aim for .80-1…when ur natural itโ€™s quite different…same with volume…if natural heavy with 8โ€“10 reps hit muscle groups at least 2x a week

  6. This is really hard for me. I only have time to work out on average 1 hour a day.i don't have much time to increase my reps nor do I have heavier weights. Some days I can go two hours. Some days I only have time for 30 minutes or even none. Nutrition is hard too. I can only eat so much chicken and fish I'm far beyond burnt out on my food and I find myself often (like every other day) changing it up but in doing so reduces my protein intake. Then lastly, I'm a lifetime long insomniac. Four hours of sleep is my normal. If I sleep longer I won't have time to workout. And since I work mostly nights I don't get home till 12-1 am. And it takes me awhile to wind down. So… Am I just screwed?

  7. Thank you for this video. My big problem is about sleeping, itโ€™s very hard for me to get enough sleep during days. I worked 12-13 hours at night, sometimes more than that. And I need a lot of caffeine to stay awake and more active. During days, I still manage to workout, but my sleep routine is a messed. Workout and nutrition is manageable but I sleep less.

  8. Hey Mario – a few questions that come to mind as I watch this video (and as I continue a cut for the next month or two):
    1. I definitely always strive for progressive overload with my lifts, but i don't always progress forward in each subsequent workout when on a cut. I've historically not been able to make much in the way of strength gains while cutting. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is it more realistic that I'm only going to see that one extra rep every few workouts (or maybe even once a month)? I believe my nutrition/macros are in check and I definitely still have energy in the gym… Just not a lot of progression when on a cut.

    2. At my current pace I'm losing about a pound of bodyweight a week (sitting at 160), but to get there I have been cutting more on week days (~1000 Cal deficit) and less on weekends (~0-200 Cal deficit). Is this alright? It seems to be working fine, but if the 1000 cal deficit is too steep for muscle retention itd be nice to know. I don't feel overly drained at this big of a deficit (especially when I get in a lot of water) but I know a 500 deficit might be more healthy.

    Thanks for your videos! Your content is very straight forward and authentic.

  9. I've been having to go to sleep late and waking up early because of work and I can really notice the drowsiness, lack of motivation, and cravings go up. I'm trying to get my morning shifts removed so I can sleep more and full fill my goals but that's a challenging one

  10. Does any body tuning in use a pre workout supplement. I donโ€™t drink caffeine but I need something to give me a pre amp fix. If anyone can recommend a pre workout it would be appreciated.

  11. Fantastic video, Sir. I think i'm getting to much protein. I'm 5'9" 162lbs, 18% bf, lift consistently, and average around 200 grams a day. I'm 1.5 months into a body recomp and have definitely progressed in the gym, lost some fat and retained, maybe even built, a little muscle. I don't use protein powder, all my nutrition comes from real food, should I back off the protein and add carbs?
    Thanks again, Mario! really learn a ton from you!

  12. Yeah don't do a bunch of cardio, because as well as eating up muscle it'll make you more hungry. But DO walk…if you have the time. It's my number one form of activity (after weights) for getting lean. I've been trying to do at least 5 miles per day and that's when my leanness really improves.


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