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  1. Brother, I've been doing few of your 5 minutes workouts and you mentioned that it's much better to do strength training than high reps training. Would you consider these 5 minutes workouts (dumbbells and bodyweight) as strength training?

  2. Brother, I really like your channel but could you please add timestamps, or just add the highlight of the video in a list in the description as in
    That'd help a lot. Thank you.

  3. I've lined up 9 Tabata workout after my workout that consists of 200+ leg raises with a couple of weighted leg raises, 200+ push up, 100+ crunches, 2 min plank and a couple other different excercises. Will I loose muscle mass if I do this or loose fat and gain muscle mass due to the high intensity workout ?

  4. My cousin shared with me about the “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). Throughout almost no time, I slipped 14 pounds. This diet plan works for everyone. Anybody who wishes to eliminate some serious excess fat without doing harm to the body merely has to try “lyly amazing guide”. Google it today!

  5. I tend to put on bodyfat and look bloated whilst im cutting. this is a very wired situation. sinced I bulked I have leaned out and looked better also im not a beginner there is so many ways to loose bodyfat 🙂

  6. Agreed I learned the hard way that too much cardio too soon will result in muscle loss and getting snapped up trying to lift the same weights during a bulk. Now I just eat clean and gradually drop calories during a cut and moderate cardio along the way. Great information and didn't know about the stomach being cold during the fat loss zone until now. Speaking of 200 calorie difference I learned the hard way not to slam on 500-600 extra calories during a bulk when I first started as well.

  7. When would be the best time to do tabata? To the normal 9-5 person. I typically eat every 4 hours and I want to start dropping some weight soon. My first meal is at 8, then 12, 4, 8. Thanks

  8. I've been doing a lot of workout videos lately so I wanted to sit down and talk to you all about a topic that many people always ask me about and hopefully can help you with your goals. I don't do a traditional cut like most people. This is exactly what I do to lose body fat without losing muscle. So in the end, I'm actually only getting bigger. This video applies to the average lifter, not necessarily a person prepping for comp. Leave me any comments or questions and I'll do my best to answer them! Give this post a like if you like me sitting down and going over a topic like this!


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