WBFF Pro, Daniel Ventura explains what the Ketogenic diet is, why he’s been following it for the last 20 years and how it has helped him transform his body.



  1. Did anyone go straight to the comments to see if it Worked or Not ?
    No…just me…ok..i found some best ways..No strict diet No workout. Visit – seven secrets of weight loss dot blogspot dot com. ( Without space and dot is .)

  2. I don’t know if this is good but I’m literally losing like 1.5 a day. I don’t eat in the morning, I just drink water with creatine and take a multivitamin and my calories are like 1300 a day but lm losing like 7-8 pounds a week.

  3. Everything that he is saying sounds good but what really tells the tale, that he’s doing it right is his demeanor look at how he speaks his posture very calm collective this is a guy who’s doing it right the natural way eating good and exercising right keep up the great job God bless. (There was no steroid use in the making of this video lol)

  4. Browse google to figure out concerning this diet guide “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I did lost approximately twelve pounds after using it for three weeks, regardless of not improving a lot with my very own diet plan or perhaps exercise. I am really pumped up about it. Personally i think it has motivated me and prompted me. .

  5. For all these idiots saying you are mentally slower on a keto diet, that is because they are not fat adapted, and burn dirty glucose fuel…..brain is made up mostly of fat…..and i know i feel mentally sharper on bulletproof coffee made with mct oils and ghee as opposed to feeling lethargic, foggy and sluggish after a bowl of rice, hence why re feeds are best done evenings before bed

  6. This guy is spot on! Especially how and what early humans ate. Fruits and most carbs were seasonal and available a few months of the year. Meat, fish and fats was the main source of fuel all year round.

  7. Omad/keto dropped 60# from my frame. Its now a lifestyle not a 'diet'. Incredible tool. The only down side is muscling through the initial keto adaption period then getting used to one-meal-a-day. Be strong, the rewards are awesome.

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