Are you afraid of losing muscle while you’re trying to lose weight? Try this. Find Your Body Type: Timestamps 0:22 What you need to …



  1. I have BCAA powder and it's flavored. I purchased it from My Protein and emailed them directly and asked if there was sugar added and they said no additional sugars were added and that the flavor in all their products were derived from healthy no sugar sources. Should I stick to pill form?

  2. Dr birg you are the best doctor in the world thank you so much you helped me alot i lost 9 kg fat and i gained 5kg muscles i tried keto diet and low glycemic dietLG diet was the best for me to reach my goal i wish u do more videos about how to gain muscles with insulin resistance Thank you💜

  3. Hi Dr. Berg,
    Thank you for the tip on cottage cheese. I am doing your keto suggestions (6 days into) and would like to know if I can add some kind of fruit. I don't like the taste of cottage cheese by itself. Any suggestions?

    Perhaps I should sign up for one of your courses.

  4. 0:40 They're called "branched chain amino acids". There are only three of them. Of those three, only one is anabolic: leucine. The other two, isoleucine and valine, don't do anything for muscle, and actually inhibit the uptake of leucine. Telling people to buy branched-chain amino acids isn't helpful. Leucine is the only one that should be bought, and it should be taken immediately post-workout.

  5. Hi Dr. Berg,

    I have a question that has been nagging me, b/c no one seems to be able to answer.  About two years ago, I started exercising–treadmill interval running–and it, really worked.  My soft, sagging belly firmed up, and my skin tone evened out.  I also, have little spots on my upper arms and legs.  They went away and my skin tone deepened when I started interval training.  I always thought I had a farmer's tan (very unattractive for a teen girl).  I also, stopped drinking and eating all forms of sugar, except fruit in my kale/green smoothies. 

    The question is why when I started this diet, which included eating 5-6 oz of lean meat 4-5x a day, coupled with interval training 3x a week, did I start to smell ammonia (once, when I was walking towards some eggs), not really from my sweat, it was while I was at rest?

  6. DOCTORS should be paid for how healthy their patients are and how many times they DONT see them because obviously the treatment worked, rather than doctors getting paid for CONSTANTLY seeing people for the same thing = You dont know WTF your talking about therefore you shouldnt get paid,, Eric should be a millionaire or better yet Billionaire because we spend that much in health care yet this dude is giving us all the answers and still gives you choices!!!! What more do  you want in a doctor? He is a God send. An angel man.. I just wish more people knew about him.

  7. Dude I am loving you more and more every time I watch you. You want to become REAL famous and be a REAL doctor do what this guy is doing.. because in the end,, thats where its going to count. Guaranteed. 

  8. My hair start to fall terribly since I started dieting. I used to take 2-1eggs and any kind of cheese about 2-1 spoons daily, and now I lost almost 65%of my hair!!! And it still continue falling so badly!!! And I gained back all the weight that I tried to lose it for a whole year so quickly! . Now I think it was because the lack of brotin, i'm tacking 4-3eggs daily, I hope my hair will grow back again.


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