how can you lose body fat but not lose weight? The idea would be to add muscle at the same time or possibly add muscle prior to entering a fat loss phase.



  1. Some of the best content around. So focused and too the point while delivering unique information I haven’t heard before after years of reading fitness advice. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining this! I have been so confused seeing muscle and strength being added and the scale not moving but still been in a caloric deficit and losing fat. I have been so fixated on the scale and weight and also becoming frustrated if Im doing something wrong and at the same time had great results in the gym.

  3. I have the same exact problem. Im stuck at 15% bf being 165lbs. Dobt wanna loose more weight just more fat. So what i see fit for me is il stay at the weight that am in n i amped up my protein between 0.5g to 0.8 gram per pound of body weight. For three to 4 months progressive overload on lifts like bench, chinups n shoulder press then will resume to cutting.

  4. Hello Paul,
    I really don’t have a question at this time but wanted to share a quick story.
    I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for 2 years now.
    And they have been a great tool for me and also have been inspiring.
    I’m 51 and got back into the lifestyle of a balanced nutrition & physical training at 49 ( typical I know , lol ) that I left behind during my busy 30s through most of my 40s
    I attended the Arnold classic this passed year with my lovely wife.
    We weren’t there but for 10 min and out of the hundreds of people , I spotted you as you walked by .
    I’ve kicked myself for not introducing us & thanking you at that time, & my wife kicks me too .

    Thank you ,
    and I won’t miss a second chance if I spot you again next year.

  5. No mention on intermittent fasting? It’s proven to retain muscle and as long as you’re staying in the 16:8 or 20:4 range, you can still get enough macronutrients including protein to stimulate protein synthesis and build muscle while retaining that and burning fat during your fasting period.

  6. This is very confusing, and people trying to look smart and telling us all kind of lies. If you start losing body fat, you will automatically lose weight. Plain and simple. Unless, you start using some kind of product in order to retain hard heavy muscles.

  7. loved this, I’m a female bikini competitor with very similar stats. In my current off season I am not afraid to gain weight in the process of putting on muscle. This gave me a great new prospective!

  8. Hey Paul, I love your content! I don’t have Instagram but I’d love you to do a video on Erin Stern’s transition to bikini. Even if not directly about her, just about possible differences between diet and training between figure and bikini etc Many people would say genetics plays the biggest role, however Erin obviously has the same genetics, but has manipulated her training recently (I assume).

  9. Hi, I'm 20yo weight 83kg and height 185cm, I'm bulking at the moment but my body fat is 17% , and i decided to do a mini cut to low body fat to around 12 , so how long should my mini cut be ?

  10. 3 weeks losing 2 lbs one week at maintenance to keep metabolism high with low carbs to keep insulin low and keep cortisol low as well…with IF and HIIT 3 times a week with some low intensity cardio can do the trick…I think most ppl over look controlling hormones such as insulin and focus too much on cals in cals out…the body is more complex than this calculator approach..certain macros have different effects in the body etc

  11. Love it, great content! I’ve never done the Creatine supplement, I’m thinking about using it in the near future. I’m finally at the weight it want to be at however, I’m not as lean or big as I’d like to be. So, I think adding a little more lean mass along with a slight calorie cut over the next several months should get me to where I want to be. 😀💪


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