These are the top 10 Mistakes that cause Muscle Loss . This is how you Burn Fat without losing muscle mass. Remember it’s extremely difficult to build muscle …



  1. First reason (Low Carb diets) is absolute bullshit. Abhinav is knowledgeable on his main topic ( muscle gain, workout principles etc), but he seems not to be upto date with the latest research on Ketogenic diets.
    Please see videos of Thomas DeLauer, Eric Berg etc to gain knowledge on this topic. The process of Ketosis (when you consume less than 50 g Carbs daily and have more than 70 % of your calorie intake from Fats) is extremely muscle sparing (prevents muscle loss) and is also conductive to muscle gain. In this state, the body utilizes diet fat as well as it own fat stores as fuel (instead of Glucose from Carbs).
    Muscle growth just requires 3 things
    1. Stimulus (from workouts)
    2. Building blocks (from adequate Protein intake)
    3. Surplus calorie intake (in low carb or Keto diet, the surplus calorie intake comes mostly from Ketones or Fats)

  2. Are….stretch marks pe video gyaan banao na bhai!..😁…I know this muscle gain and loss has some relevance with stretch marks… so I'm waiting for validated knowledge.

  3. For me I think koi v protein ya achha Khana hi sirf itna important nahin hai, mere hisaab se jitna ho sake utna achhe se Khao par mainly aap ke energy #sporm# ko bachaye rakkho waste na Karo tabhi achhi body banegi.


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