Welcome to your Total Body Transformation!!! Over the next 6 weeks, we’re gonna target ALL the major muscles in your body in a way that will make you feel …



  1. I took a week off of working out to give myself rest and usually I would find this sort of easy but I barley made it half way. I pushed harder than usually. I’m definitely not in the best shape but wow lol

  2. I've been following blogilates for about 10 years now and these newer videos are really not beginner-friendly at all. Cassey is only showing modifications to make things harder, never easier.

    I say this because I lost my fitness habit for about a year and coming back to it I can't do the same moves right off the bat. The leg lift moves, for example. Those sorts of moves take A LOT of strength in order to have proper form that isolates the muscle group without straining something else or flopping around.

    Those really hurt my lower back (in a bone-crunching way) no matter what I do, whether it is a bunched up towel or putting my hands underneath as she suggests. Even with a thicker mat! I personally just skip the move and do whatever move I want to instead while she's going through it. But I can't imagine how a complete beginner would feel.

    This is really meant to be a constructive critique. But ever since Cassey launched into YouTube stardom her workouts seem less and less beginner-friendly. Is she trying to impress the other fitness influencers? I don't get it. There's nothing wrong with being a beginner or doing easier moves to get back up to strength. She doesn't say any of this explicitly, but it's something I see through her actions in how she chooses to conduct her workouts.

  3. This workout is literally the best lower ab workout/ getting rid of belly fat I’ve seen a couple videos but none like this one; this one right here is by far the best lower abs just after one video no joke my lower belly fat was gone also if you have really skinny arms like I do her transformation arms are the bomb.com


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