What’s Causing Your Belly Fat After 50 and How To Lose It is more than just eating too much or exercising too little. Those are often not it at all. You may be …



  1. I'm not concerned so much with losing weight..but I've got that belly gain and it's uncomfortable. Thank you for the very informative video. I'm pretty much vegan, so what is recommended for protein.
    I eat a good diet but my husband is a sugar addict making it difficult. He wants us to eat the same things. I just can't anymore, I love being fit and love greens, all things good.

  2. I'm 62, always been active (and a size UK 10, have big dogs and walk them twice a day, though since caring for and losing mum, I've slowed down. So, for the past 6 years I've been slowly gaining weight. I am a goodfood freak and enjoy proteins, chicken, fish, low or no carbs, never eat sugary, salty or sarchy foods and won't drink contentrated fruit drinks, carbonated or alcoholic drinks. I also eat in moderation (portion control) and I've never smoked. Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Spondylosis have stopped me exercising hard, but I'm rarely still.
    I went through the menopause 12 years ago, without any problems but went from 8 stone to nearly 12 stone in the last 9 years. I sleep pretty well, get around 7 to 8 hours per night, live alone,have no family, nor major money worries, but nothing is helping and my doctor says I'm only slightly overweight and that I've simply plateu'd. I'm 5 ft 2 inches. I think 12 stone is obese and will cause further health issues. Can anyone help?

  3. emotions affects your hormones… and being 50 and over , you are not the same emotionally,
    To overcome your emotions…..you need to imagine that you are BIGGER than that thing that affects you….

  4. I’m the pinch an inch kind of woman and one who is hypoglycemic. I stay away from sugar as much as possible but in my situation it’s not easy. I need that to boost my sugar when I drop low.

  5. Hiiii…….u r beautiful mam……plz give me easy solution for loss belly fat….my waist is 39…..and after month I do attend function. …is it possible. ….I wnt my is 30 …..m vry tense abt it…..I ve two kids….my age is 32

  6. I had a kidney transplant and with my immune suppressants I am getting excessively fat and feel can't get rid of . I am always stressed out and have sudden anger tantrums . I just want to lose this weight so bad especially that it started affecting my backbone and have joint pain .

  7. I am close to being 50 and I am already having problems. Thank goodness I ran up on you video. I split coffee on me also! I could not find that app you were talking about, so please get back with me okay. Thank you very much. Lisa P. 🌸 Oh yeh I am also hypoglycemia.

  8. Can you tell me why I / my body continues to look saggy and dimpled. I've been doing t-25 for over three months consistently, I usually have a protein shake and I've stopped eating passed 6pm. I am not over weight, but I am skinny fat and have been for along time. I have lost inches, but still see my skin looking saggy. What is going on???

  9. When I was eating less than 60 grams of carbs a day, then the fat would disappear. I am not over weight and never have been over weight, the most I have ever weight was 155lbs in basic training. Now that I am in my 50,s it does get harder to loss stomach fat. The low carb diet does work for me, I have also been researching the benefit of Bone Broth and how beneficial it is to the over all health of the body. There is plenty of information about it on the internet, the reason I started drinking it was to heal my leaky gut. Do your research on the brands of Bone Broth they are NOT all equal.


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