Here’s the 2020 summer shred workout challenge! Blast that belly fat away, lose weight in time to get that summer body! Get that tiny waist, 11 line abs and flat …



  1. Hey Lilly, I just wanted to ask if this workout and all your other workouts are actually hiit workouts ? I know that you do have specific hiit videos but I just wanted to know if your others videos would count as hiit too.

  2. Hi Lilly,

    Love your workouts! But could you please update your summer shred playlist because I'm on day 27 now and I"m having trouble finding out which workouts i'm supposed to do. The links in your pdf work but I can't find out where the new workouts are. Can you help me out?

  3. Absolutely love your workouts lilly I do them every single day and I'm so excited to see a change in my body it just gives me more motivation to work even harder. Your videos are awsome! You look amazing 🔥 ❤

  4. You made my life better !! Thank you 💓💓you are sooo coool ❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽i am trening with you every dag .. I find you for 14 days Ago and you are the best trener 🙏🙏i am hocked 😅🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🥰

  5. I`ve got the calendar, now I`m going to start to day, Im coming back in 40 days Im really motivated, altough im 16 and im supoused to have a beautiful body im skinny and I want to get wider hips and a toned body, I really hope it works. I have advantage because I love doing excersice so i hope enjoying thos 40 days.

  6. I recieved the calander but after day 23 can't find the workouts either. The only links on the calander are for the extras that can be done. Please add day 23 and on onto the list of workouts. Thank you.

  7. Lilly please help, I'm looking to start this Monday after finishing another one of your challenges, but there is only 23 videos on your playlist and the calendar doesn't have links to all the videos 😩😩 I'm so confused x


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