Are you struggling with weightloss? for most of us, after a certain age our metabolism slows down. Not to mention stress, sugar, and not so beneficial lifestyle …



  1. This was right on time. Im 40ish and ive been trying change my habits as you state. I have no excuses. I used to say its hard because i shop for my children and i kept snacks (suga)for them but they are now eatting what I eat instead of the other way around. This portion control thing is what im having is hard for me but im on my way to ur portion control video. You were right on time for me.

  2. Whew chile…finally someone who is speaking the real. Weight loss at any age is hard. The difference between younger and older is the set in of habits, stubbornness, and sometimes we get used to lying to ourselves.

    “I’m just big boned”…blah blah blah. “Know thyself”. Know what you want and make it happen.

  3. I like your message that to be in shape, it's a lifestyle change, balance and patience. Enjoy the process, instead of focusing on a "finish line", because there will never be a "finish line", if you want to stay in shape. Great motivating and instructive video! 😀👍🏿

  4. Good Morning!…I just discovered your video this morning, and I want to say THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart for giving some amazing and real insight about this lifestyle journey!…I wrote down your steps and am definitely going to put them in motion…In 2012 and being in my late 30s then, I decided to practice an overall healthy lifestyle, because I wanted to be a better example for my daughter and to healthily counter the health issues that ran in my family…however, when I had my last child in 2013, it seemed as if my weight especially in would not leave!…I have never had a gut before but know that it is my food intake habits…the short of the long, I am now working with a trainer for that extra accountability and will do what I need to do about changing my eating habits!…I’m an “in-between” snacker so I’m looking for better ways to deal with that too…thanks again so much for being so transparent!…I will be signing up with your community and praying that I follow through above all!☺️

  5. Thank you for referencing that some of us have health issues or things that make it harder for some of us. I am living with Rheumatoid arthritis, cfs, fibro, several ruptured discs in my neck and back and way more. It is so hard to find anyone that can relate to living in pain 24/7 and yet trying to lose weight.

  6. Iam just subscribed to your channel because you've hit the nail on the head for me.. I have been struggling for a while and I need this truth. I am with you, let's do it !!

  7. Girl I’m 45 and the struggle IS real!! I love my adult cocktail of diet coke and Henny after work with the hubby🤦🏾‍♀️ Bad habit number one! I’m restarting my journey

  8. i'm glad i found you i'm in my fifties and I been struggling for years it's just getting harder I just want to get under 200 mark I been there a long time tired of carrying this weight I had people say I carry it well but I am not a good weight i'm pretty healthy but I do have stress and don't sleep well I am starting to cook more and I walk 5 or 6 times a week but I have a bad habit of skipping meals i'm just not hungry but I gain weight because of it cause I love to workout and i'm feeling heavy

  9. I seriously needed this and listened to you the entire time. I'm in my thirties with 2 children, and have been yoyo dieting my entire life. I want to become more fit and balanced with a comfortable weight.

  10. Great tips! The peri-menopause weight gain is real. The diet and exercise that worked before doesn’t hit the same way at 48 as it did even at 45. I’m trying to focus on the process and not the number on the scale.

  11. Thankyou so much for this. You kept it real and layed out a foundation on how to get started on a weightloss journey. Everything you said was accurate you are an angel I really needed this. Stay Blessed sis and Thanks a million times again.

  12. Thank you for this video and information. Even though I have heard this before, hearing it with you makes it more Real. I’m 56, fighting cancer and other health issues. The recent big weight gain from different medications and Life, has been difficult. Thanks again. 👍🏽

  13. @BeautyCutright you are the QUEEN of fitness and nutrition. You have helped me tremendously and I am so grateful that I found your channel and paid close attention to the advise you put out there. You are the Truth! As always thanks for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  14. Everything you said was spot on. I lost 70 lbs but gained half of it back from a relationship.😫 I’m back on it though. Thank you for this video!

  15. I am under 40 and I am struggling with weight loss. These tips are for me too. 1. I need to do more Cardio, 2. I need to change my habits, 3. I need to really look into my diet, 4. I need to get more active (I have started), 5. YES on dealing with stress!!! (sleep is totally evading). Thanks so much.


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