This video is about how I lost so much weight after my pregnancy that I ended up losing weight through the process of being pregnant! Pregnancy weight loss is …



  1. You know what? Honestly nobody should feel bad about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy. I'm actually jealous of those moms! I have hyperemesis gravidarum and I am so sick that I can barely eat anything! I have lost over 15 pounds in my first trimester. I wish I could eat and keep things down..

  2. Im 24 weeks pregnant and I just left my clinic for a check up and omg I’ve gained 20 lbs!! I was normal weigh before I got pregnant. Is it normal for me to have gained 20 lbs already at 24 weeks?? Or am I gaining to rapidly and need to cut it with the unhealthy food?!

  3. so strange for me to hear this thing, about going back to work, so cant breastfeed. In Denmark if you cant afford being home with your child the first 12month. Our goverment will pay us to stay home with our child, those month… really wish this for all wemon around the world ( sorry the bad spelling and gramma, not my language ) love the advice, was against stayed listening. and you really think of the baby to,,

  4. For those commenting on her editing-stop acting like children! you should be able to focus if you REALLY want to hear what she's talking about! 🤦🏾‍♀️ So superficial and childish..just want to find something to complain about!!

  5. I love your advice and your realness…but girl…your editing. I mean it was so hard to watch. Not trying to be mean or anything. Just being blunt.

    I feel like if you're used to doing exercise daily then continue doing it. You gotta do at least 30 mins of walking every single day. The first trimester was very difficult in terms of getting the nutrients with food because EVERYTHING would make nauseous. The only thing I could eat was crackers, tomatoes, and drink ginger ale. So it's hard to push yourself to eat something you want to just barf from…even if it's salads and chicken breast.

  6. Finally someone who isn’t afraid to talk about their weight gain. I’m tired of watching videos of women saying “I’m 23 weeks and gained 6 lbs” 😒 felt like something was wrong with me because I gained a lot of weight in my first trimester

  7. I love this video, you're so real!! One thing, I don't know that I agree with the consistency of milk thing for breastfeeding? My consultant said that the watery-consistency milk doesn't signify any difference in nutrition.. Also, I never ever made an oversupply for myself hahaha being engorged wasn't comfortable and necessary for me <3 my lactation consultant totally discouraged me from doing that <3 but I do appreciate the experience you've shared!! Thank you!! You're so positive and really funny 🙂 Loved it!

  8. I'm worried about weight gain, I've been trying SO HARD to loose weight because we struggled with infertility so every doctor, specialist was like YOU'RE OVERWEIGHT, STOP BEING THAT. And now I'm 9 weeks and I've already gained and I don't want to get huge BUT obviously I want a healthy bubba. Ugh, so hard!! Plus, I've got no morning sickness so far (I know, what a cow, I'm sorry) but it means I can eat whatever and I'm tempted by junk already. UGGHHHH.

  9. I’m 22 weeks and have lost about 8 pounds a month. I’m not sick and I’m eating as much as I can. Idk wtf is going on but my doctor thinks I’m starving myself lol I literally eat chipotle almost everyday!

  10. I also suffer from anorexia and I’m so scared because I’m pregnant and I don’t want to become fat after giving birth. What can I do to not gain a lot of weight after birth??

  11. This is my fourth pregnancy, and I’ve gained a lot in previous pregnancies and I’ve gained very little in past pregnancies. Here’s my experience: STAY ACTIVE, Drink water, get proper sleep, AVOID STRESS, eat only when hungry/stop when satisfied and make those meals HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE. When I say “stay active” I mean get up every morning, stay up and get some activity in, whether it’s walking, stretching, cleaning the house, or working… the important thing is to stay physically fit throughout your pregnancy and you will be able to get through it easier.

  12. Duuude. My first pregnancy i gained nearly 70lbs. And never got back to prepregnacy weight before i got pregnant again. My second pregnancy I gained 17lbs and lost it in a month or so postpartum. (But I feel like im gaining it back) (I started gainning after i had to stop breast due to my babies struggles with a slight tough tie and severe reflux) I'm currently 4mo postpartum. My goal is to continue to do yoga as much as I can (I shoot for daily, although with my youngest teething and my husband pulling 12hr days for 2 weeks straight the last few weeks i havent really done crap) yoga helps my battle my postpartum depression and anxiety. Mental health is so important. 🖤🖤🖤

  13. new subscriber here. myself and my fiance were talking about this today. her main worry is that she wont be skinny anymore after getting pregnant when the time eventually comes. i have to show her this. also just wanna start helping other channels to grow so we can all learn from each other, so if youd like a shoutout let me know. i think this video could help alot of my subscribers.


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