Vegetables that can KILL your belly fat? Every time I ask people what body part they want to improve…it’s always their abs…or in other words, they want to lose …



  1. estrogenic chemicals cause belly fat? if I remember biochemistry estrogen  makes a woman carry more fat around the upper thighs and breasts not the belly. belly fat from what I understand is caused by insulin resistance which is caused by nutrtional defeiciencies and overload of carbs without the stuff that is supposed to come with carbs. I doubt estrogen or fake estrogen has anything to do with it.  many pesticides do not contain estrogic chemicals, they kill by nuerotoxins or overloading thier systems with stiumulantes (causing convulsions) like caffeine. caffiene is a pesticide. many of the phytochemicals in plants that we eat (especially if they are very bitter) are pesticides and herbicides that plants produce to protect themselves.

  2. i just saw a message on here from a guy saying his age stops him , well i started the gym/health spare yesterday and there was a man with a zimmer frame who looked about 80 going for a swim 😃 so i say age has nothing to do with it . great video and i'm off to the gym 😆

  3. This video is bullshit. People please. This shithead is telling you
    things that you wan't to hear. Why? *Because he gets a shit ton of
    views* and views = money. It is all about the calories in vs calories
    out. There are no foods that do that! Don't get fooled by his looks.
    Nor his like dislike ratio Also you can not spot reduce fat. (This
    kind of shit is spread all over youtube and internet). Don't believe me? Fine it's your own loss xD. I'm not saying you are stupid because you believe in these, because this kind of shit is all over the internet. This is disgusting.

  4. Brad, you are awesome. I weigh 212 lbs. I am only 5'10 or 5'11 depending on shoes. I know I know… Im fat…. but this is what I weigh now. a year ago, I weighed 317lbs. I started walking and cut out a bunch of stuff that you said to get rid of. Soda, cereal, sugars. I started eating veggies. walking became jogging. jogging became swimming. swimming became lifting. I am happy with the way things are going. I still have some weight to lose, but Im getting there. it helps when you see results. which, thanks to some of your workouts and eating habit tips, I am. so thank you so much….


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