1. I can so agree with the Lessening of Stress/More Sleep suggestion.
    Whenever I don't get enough sleep or are stressed out, I eat more and I eat worse, then gain weight and bloat.
    Best thing to do is to get more sleep and avoid or remove Toxic People from Your Life.
    You are Worth That.💗🌅

  2. Same! I was always over eating in the evening or thru out the day and then always said I’m just not hungry or I’m not a breakfast person. Now that I calorie count I’m sooo ready to eat come morning! It’s so hard to convince people of that though like me I had to experience it.

  3. Your husband mentioned that if your stress, diet, and exercise are not on point none of this will matter not the vinegar, not cold showers… You didn't mention cold showers that I heard. So I was just wondering what cold showers help with. I am starting off on my weight loss journey, and you inspire me so much. Thank you for all of the tips and advice. You look fantastic, congratulations on the life style changes and keeping it up I know it took so much hard work.

  4. Random question: Do you both share household chores? Your home always looks so organized and clean and I know you both work, create all these amazing videos, plus take care of Hank and yourselves (exercising, and so forth)…. exhausting 😂!! Just curious.

  5. Hi Nicole, I take 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, mix in my water every day. I’m a type 2 diabetic, it has help to lower my resting blood sugar. It’s very healthy in so many other ways.

  6. Hi Nicole & Kyle 😘 This was an interesting topic to tackle. Thank you for sharing your tips. I'm doing the lemon juice in the mornings and ACV early evening. My max is 2.5 L water daily (too much water daily can prove fatal). I've cut down the sweeteners (caused bloating). I was of the opinion we should not drink water with meals to allow undiluted stomach acid to breakdown the food. Like yourselves I'm researching all the time so not here to dim anyone's light!😎 I thank you both for all the time & work you put into posting the vids. I LOVE the intro music, tips/hacks & entertainment. You are 'bonkers' in a good way, I love that about the both of you. Stay healthy & happy! X

  7. I hear sooo much about fasting. I stopped eating breakfast but was super hungry at night. Something was wrong. I was switching am eating for night eating. What you say makes sense about breakfast eating. I'm going to switch it back. I used to eat my dinner at 2:30-3:30 pm and not eat again before bedtime. I need to do what works for my body instead of following all the fads.

  8. Is it 'hyperinsulinemia'….where your body releases a shed load of insulin in response to carbs? Which brings on the monster hunger/cravings and can give low blood sugar in response to carbs..or reactive hypoglycemia? I think of it as a condition that needs careful management almost like diabetes. Its a mine field i know it. Love these tips thanks.

  9. OMG! I just found your channel and I am OBSESSED!!! I am struggling with weight regain after having a Gastric Bypass in 2013 and then having a baby last year. Your videos are so motivating and a great companion while I do cardio at the gym! Would you guys ever consider doing a day at the workout vlog or a video on your workout journey?
    Thank you so much for putting yourself out there to help us! If I lost 20 pounds of my regain I am treating myself to your sweatshirt! #weightlossrewards!


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