If you want to get a flat stomach without spending an excessive amount of energy and time in a workout session, this one is for you. Today I’m giving you a …



  1. Thanks mam for giving inspiration to stay fit.
    • giving good health
    • every video gives new inspiration
    • saving our money no need to go to doctor🏥
    Thanks🙏🙇🙏💕 my dear respectful mam
    God bless u
    And u will get so many subscribers
    And best of luck for new channel

  2. I just found your page a week ago and I love it! Do you have any videos made for people that cant walk or walk well? Chair exercise? My mom has trouble walking and want to do some exercise. It would be great if you do.

  3. Workout completed for 4 days 🙂 seeing some results! 🙂 you motivated me to exercise! Thank you so much Roberta 😁🤗 my weight in the last four days was 150 and above but I started following your guidance and now today I’m 148-149 🙂

  4. Thank u…😄.. Roberta…I'm very happy by your video's ….not only one but all … Iam doing exercises 😊… actively …bcoz iam feeling that someone has giving company while doing..Ur channel is one of best ever i had seen…😊


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