Use a chair if you don’t have a barre– tone up your outer & inner thighs, glutes and lower abdominals with Monica! ♥ More Monica Workouts FREE with Prime: …



  1. i would love to do that but im too skinny already I'm only 37 kilo..i would like to be like maybe 40 kilo but maybe it just me…or i shoud work out for my hip or butt…anyway thnx for sharing this video..happy new year to all of us..

  2. Guys you dont have to do all this work I will lead u guys to the top okay!!! 1.all u have to do is…. are u listening just 1.rub lotion on your stomach 2.Then put plastic tap around you stomach will feel the burn just by haveing it tite leave it on all night ok!!! Ladys u will see the results the next morning or males WARNING though this will be uncomfortable to sleep with but it will be worth it!!!


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