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  1. I am always surprised by Thomas and that leads me to keep track of what he has to say; I have learned to love him and respect what he has to say. I am strong, still working for a living, low carb and 65 years young. Thank you Thomas, I do share what you teach with those who will listen, it's so fun to be healthy and understand why!!!

  2. I don't like salmon or sardines. Could I just take a vit D supplement? Why does grass fed hamburger taste funny. I have a really hard time eating it. I can go all day without eating, but I have to have my coffee when I wake up. I just can't fast, because of it. When I have to go for a blood test and fast, I hate it. I want my coffee so bad and ,I can't wait until noon or later to drink it or I can't sleep at night. Do you have any suggestions. I am 65.

  3. This info is very interesting. I have been using Arbonne products for almost 2 years, and have lost 40+ lb with their Clean Eating Challenges. What you say regarding formulations in food correspond with the Arbonne formulations. I am following Thomas’ videos, because I want to get rid of the visceral fat that has been reduced, but has not totally gone away yet. Thank you, Thomas, for investing so much time and energy into educating us with your extensive knowledge, and research!

  4. best ways to regularly get ACV in without risking damage to teeth?….i was all vinegar-this and vinegar-that until i realized those risks…..ready to try and bring it back in with a specific focus on avoiding them…..

  5. More testosterone. That's just what I need after prostate cancer. I am taking medication to lower my testosterone to the lowest possible levels to keep the cancer from returning. This is a caveat for older men, especially those with elevated PSA levels and abnormal prostate examinations.

  6. What are your thoughts regarding Kambucha? I make my own using less than 1/2 the raw sugar(minimal amount) and then I add some processed watermelon for flavor. My body seems to responding well..I'm comparing this to your
    Apple Cider vinegar recommendation.
    Thoughts and considerations please and thank you.

  7. I’m over 70. I did keto without blood testing and lost 30lbs in 7 months. I only fasted 16/8 a couple days a week starting 4 months into this. Now I’m maintaining and I’m able to fast 36-40 hours once a week and 20 hours once a week. Other then that, I have carb up days and modified keto days. My weight has remained stable for 5 weeks of this pattern. I’m not hungry on my fast days. I try to vary my diet and keep my metabolism guessing. I weigh myself twice a week to be sure nothing gets out of control weight wise. This video was most helpful to me so I make sure to continue vitamins and acv. Thanks for all your information. My original weight loss goal 8 months ago was 20-25 lbs so exceeded my own expectations. Yea!

  8. Yes @ 51 years old I must say it totally sucks chasing and keeping in shape. Things slightly but noticeably get harder physically. Getting older is not for the faint at heart. Thank you for this information.

  9. @ Thomas
    I hit the gym each morning for 1 hr that's 20mins on treadmill then 20 mins on chest legs and biceps
    to finish off another 20 mins on treadmill i also eat mostly green veg and very lean pork , salmon very lean red meat small amounts and chicken also love salads i start every morning with 2 tbl spoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbl spoon of lemon juice with ice water mixed also the same before bed just before bed time is doing this ok for my age 51 years old . Cheer's Bill

  10. In a different video, Keto Over 60 (Title says 50 but you address people over 60 in the video itself) you say to LIMIT intermittent fasting to 12-14 hours per day 2 or 3 times per week. In this video you suggest longer fasts (20-24 hours 2 or 3 times per week). Did I misunderstand something? Can you clarify? Thanks.


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