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  1. Hi Elle, I am a self sabotage person when it comes to diet and exercise especially when I am stressed or want to see results immediately but my question is how did you pull through that and what advice can you give me to keep going

  2. Hello, and thank you for the good, solid advice. I've been looking for a way to be healthy and fit that I can stick with for life, and I think this is it! My question for you is this: I have four kiddos and naturally fit husband (doesn't have to work hard to be fit). I have never been able to bring myself to "force" them to eat like I do, and they want things like less healthy snacks, treats around, so we have them around. This has always been my downfall in trying to be healthy, as willpower is low. Any advice for how to resist temptation during the week outside of cheat days?

  3. Hi Elle, love your story, you're so inspirational! I had a couple of questions- what did you do for resistance training at home? If i needed to purchase equipment, what are the essentials? And how did you (if you did) apply progressive overload? Lastly, do you use more weight now in order to sustain your physique or the same as before? Thanks ! xx


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