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  1. I will try and update every day
    Day 1: Felt exhausted, rlly shaky, had to pause half way through
    Day 2: Didnt feel as bad, still had to pause, stomach hurts
    Day 3: Still shaky, not as bad, haven't seen weight loss yet
    Day 4: Still shaky, didnt need to pause, easier to manage
    Day 5: not as shaky, felt burn, sweated a little more than normal
    Day 6: easyily enough managed, no weight change
    Day 7: woke w/ sore leg, couldn't bend leg too much, still tried, easy enough other than leg
    Day 8: leg better, generally easy, neck slightly hurt from crunches, no weight change
    Day 9: personal reasons so i couldn't do it
    Day 10: last time ill comment as things have been happening and i dont think i can do this anymore, lifes hard 😣

  2. Hi Eliz, I am a mum with an year old baby. I don’t have diastatis recti any more but still have the mommy tummy pooch with my lower belly. Please can you tell me if these exercises help drain the pooch and get me back in shape?

  3. I always wanted to do exercise as a way to better my mental health, I started with meditation and yoga and after i wanted to work out my abdominal area more and honestly…I think I found a new love for this. Hard, but thats what makes it rewarding!

  4. lemme just say. it isn’t easy. i’m doing this workout one a day and another work out 2 a day. i’m starting at 154 and i’m 5’6 in trying this for 1 week and if i like the results i’ll do two. please like so i can remember.

    day 1: my stomach was burning like crazy. it really works the thighs and your stomach. drink plenty of water because you’ll need it.

    day 2: my abs burned a lot more then yesterday. felt really good and it also worked out my legs. my neck feels a little bit of pain but i think that’s just because of the crunches.

    day 3: almost done with the week! i’m starting to feel the burn soo much more. i can see a little bit of a difference in my lower stomach area already! weighin in a couple of days.

    day 4: this did not get easier. i’m so much more sore so it makes me push more. i see a difference. this is really working !!

    day 5: okay im tired 🤣. but i still am feeling the burn a lot in my abs. i feel like i went down :)) (in weight) weigh in on day 7!

  5. So I’m doing the day 1- day 2 thing

    Day 1: I can NOT do this oh my- this hurts and I’m sad I didn’t go all the way through😩

    Day 2: Sorry to disappoint but I got sick so I’ll try again next week🤢

  6. Okay, so I’ve been trying to work on my core, it’s like the only problem in my body where there’s stuff I want to get rid of. Right now I’m 126, 5.3, please like so I remember

    Day 1: holy geez this burns, my core and thighs are feeling it, I’ve also been working on a diet, so I hope that helps


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