Free Training and Nutrition Guides Linked Below on how to lose lower belly fat, lower back fat (love handles) and get the physique into fantastic shape.



  1. Thanks Paul! So, if I was to summarise, would it make sense to say:

    1. Eat sufficient protein (1g/lb never did any harm) so as not to lose muscle mass during a diet, of any type.

    2. Continue training hard, using progressive overload to retain and build lean body mass.

    3. chill the F*** out. Be in it for the long haul.

    4. Adherence is key.

  2. You’re a lifesaver !! Is it true that people with belly pooch can’t get rid of it cus it’s genetics? I’m a 20yo female and my fat pool is in my lower belly “not with clothes but it’s noticeable”

  3. These videos are incredibly useful. I learn so much and apply to what works for me. Please start a podcast! I would love to hear more tips, tricks and life experiences with fitness, diet, and bikini ❤️

  4. 🙌🙌Such great content, thank you. I have a question regarding Stomach fat and stomach vacuuming, is it a good exercise to help with training the abs and pelvic floor and will it help with bringing a smaller waist with consistency 🙏 love your tips and advice. Also I love the Ebooks you’ve offered in the past, totally obsessed and so great to have the content visually as well 🙏💯💯

  5. Thank you Paul you are awesome someday soon I hope to share with you what I want to say you and I have accomplished through trusting you and all your amazing information and support though your channel you are the real deal 👍

  6. Hey Paul, I've had 2 coaches so far in a span of a year give up on me due to their own personal lives. I'm at the point where I want to train myself for bikini. Any tips? I have been an athlete my whole life and feel as if I can't rely on just anyone anymore. I love learning and being dependent on myself anyways.

  7. Thank you for giving back so much to this community Paul you really take us seriously and I know I don’t just speak for myself here. Bless you and your family my friend and keep these encouraging videos coming!

  8. Does one tend to store fat in the order it was lost? Would this mean the love handles area would be the last place to store fat for someone with a genetic predisposition to lose the fat in this area last?

  9. In December, 2017 I decided its time for a change. In the span of 10 months, I lost 45kg(used to be 120kg when I started). I started eating properly, i've been training hard and now almost 2 years after I have visible upper abs and obliques, i've put a lot of muscle and eventhough the scale went up by 1kg in that past year, my body looks completely different from an year ago due to body fat i continued shredding and replacing with muscle. Starting november I am even considering going on a bulk to build some more muscle mass. A bit afraid because you do get a bit fat during that process but I do want to get bigger.
    The only thing that keeps bothering me is that I have some loose skin in my thighs and lower belly and im not really sure if that will ever fully heal. I do have stretch marks too but im ok with them. I wear them with pride and as a reminder of how things were 🙂

  10. Hey paul
    (and other people reading)
    Got a question! I'm fasting and doing cardio, loving it! Got down to a comfortable weight now and Going to start working out… QUESTION IS I really don't enjoy counting calories and carbs and protein intake because my meals change so much… If I focus on just my protein intake while sticking to a lower carb diet would that suffice in a sense of seeing my results?
    1g protein per 1 pound of body mass

  11. Hello Paul, you are one of my favourit man on YouTube. I have learn a lot from your videos. I eat about 2300 kcal, train at home with dumbells and do cardio (go by bike to work, 10 000 stets…). Now I want to lose about 6 kg. And I want to go to the gym. What is the best for me? Should I eat my 2300 kcal and train hard or better lose weight at first by reducing my kcal and than train hard? I hope for your advice 🙂 Thanks and have a nice day!

  12. sir do you recommend cardio to skinny fat guys? who will get underweight if they keep on cutting! i am on a caloric deficit diet. i am skinny fat. i tried to bulk but i just got fat😅 now i am cutting and i am seeing great results but the problem is that i am losing weight which i don't want. i do abs daily , HIIT for 20 minutes thrice a week and i lift 5-6 days a week

  13. I gave birth a year ago and I was thinking that my belly will never be the same. I was ashamed of my body because of my weight. I didn't want to see my friends.
    The program changed my life. I couldn't go to the fitness centers to take care of my baby, but with this seven-minute program, I'm doing sports while my baby is sleeping. In the 6th week, I became more fit than before. I recommend it to all of you. As a woman fed up with people's criticism. 🙂 If you want you can ask me anything about this program.

  14. Years ago, when I went from 224lbs to 169lbs, I lost weight everywhere first, before that last bit of stubborn belly fat! Even my feet lost weight, and lost a shoe size!

    I’m a 6’1” male, now age 43. I was too skinny at around 170, having lost muscle from too much caloric deficit, and insufficient protein.

    Now I’m at 195lbs with a lot more muscle mass, but back up to around 25% body fat. Trying to lean down to around 180, and a 15-ish% body fat.

  15. I have a question, I hope you see this and respond. I am on a cut and am counting calories for the first time. According to the calculations i have to hit a daily caloric intake of 1650 calories. I am able to do this, however my carb macros is set for 139.3g a day, and I usually go about 20g over. I want to know whether staying within your daily caloric range but going over your carb intake by 20 or so gram would affect my weight loss goals? Thank you!


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