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  1. I'd like to share some info as well. Estrogen is a big deal in overweight individuals since the more fat you have the more aromatization occurs which in turn decreases testosterone. When I see clients and they have a big belly I always check their testosterone and estrogen levels and 9 out of 10 times the ratio is out of whack. With those people it is vital that you cut out ANY foods that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body (xenoestrogen).

    Start taking a supplement called DIM (the one I recommend is by QuickSilver), and increase your fiber big time and drink plenty of water. Doing all this will help flush out excess estrogen. Once your body detects that the estrogen levels are decreasing it will send a signal to the testes to start producing testosterone. When this happens less testosterone will convert to estrogen if you follow the above, and your testosterone levels will naturally increase and the belly fat will diminish considering of course you are also eating and exercising correctly as outlined in the video.

  2. Thank you, I’m 55 years old and I have 3 boys but my hold life I been slim until hit the 50 🙁 and is the fat all around my belly and shoulders and I don’t eat proses food and no junk food I eat a lot of Veggies and fruit, so what do you suggest me Dr and thank you in advance .

  3. I went to eating only 1 full meal a day, and gave up all cheese and dairy (other than a little bit of half and half in my morning coffee). If I feel hungry at all before my one meal, I have a few bites of a small snack and that satiates me. I lost 12 pounds in a month just doing this, with no change to my exercise routine ( I do advanced Tae Bo 3-4 times a week, thats it). Dairy is the single biggest cause of belly fat, same with beef fat. Giving up those alone made me lose so much fat. No more cheese on sandwiches, burgers etc. and just eating less. It took about a week to get used to eating so much less and then I realized how my thinking and relationship with what hunger really is changed. We all eat way more than we need to. The human body has not evolved that much from our hunter gatherer ancestors…and they were lucky to eat a few times a week! We are not built to constantly process food like this, our systems never get a break. And dairy is the most unhealthy, unnatural concept ever, it is soooooo calorie dense and all fat. Stop eating it and watch what happens!

  4. A very good video & your voice is very easy & clear to listen to ! Walking is really a proven anti depressant methods ! Sleeping well is A MUST for anything ! I should listen to my own advice ! Thank you for this video ! I'm subscribed now !

  5. Actually I started this 2 weeks ago. I cut down eating but no exercises yet but lost few kilos. I have a bad discs on my cervical spine so can not do much exercise. Good information. Cheers.

  6. 70% of my diet is fruits and vegetables. I am physically active but still have ungainly belly fat. Nothing I do seems to work in reducing it. I am 70 years old so maybe that is a factor. I will try the tips and information in this video and see what happens.

  7. Fighting cortisol is a huge issue but not many have a good fix…Strong Black tea, Quercitin. holy basil…. Relicore. – very good bad mood suppressor.
    Over forty…dandelion root to help cut through organ fat

  8. I’m 9 weeks in down 25 lb drinking tons of water but not much belly loss. Doing treadmill ,kettlebell and rowing. Varying everything and doing it every day. Have changed my diet and am always in calories deficits

  9. I don't eat sugar, refined foods, junk food. I eat more veg & fruits & carbs. I tried drinking all kind of drinks for belly reduction. Did all kind of exercise.
    I eat salad before meal & warm drink after meal.

    I am very skinny but I have belly & face fat. So even after doing so much I couldn't lose fat. Instead i became weak. I get bloating & gastric problem.
    plz help

    What am I doing wrong???


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