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  1. The dreaded ‘M’ word’ MODERATION! That’s the ticket! Plus: 2 meals a day spaced 7-10 hours apart! Eat healthy for dinner, make enough for the next day. Fiber, fiber and fiber. Enough!

  2. Even though everyone knows to say away from these "foods", I need to hear it over and over again. Great video!
    Another great video would be (show your abs) "if you want this? then, stay away from that"…

  3. Alright then these junkfoods will pay for this i thought your help abs the friend told me it helps he is a liar i show him no mercy and these junkfoods i never ever eat bread again i ignore it but im not a bodybuilder i am a sprinter

  4. All dairy is bad except butter.
    A little organic whole grain bread is great.
    The fast food that is healthy is raw fruit.
    Pure chocolate with honey is great.
    I just don't like chocolate.

  5. 1) Alcohol 🍷 🍺 – drink a glass

    2) Yogurt 🍦- contains 16 grams of sugar per cup.

    3) Bread 🥖- High calories, high carbs, high sugar.

    4) Soda 🥤- terrible for you and will destroy your health!

    5) Fast food- avoid like the plague!!! 🤢

    6) Sugar goodies- eat 1 to 2 protein bars per day instead.

  6. Everything breaks down to moderation, some folks over do it, and it becomes a habit, I'm into fitness and over 2 years I stopped taking soda, I seen drastic positive result, my body like the Greek God 💪🏾, (not bragging )but in other words moderation is the key, drink lots of water

  7. Stop the shitty music in background. Takes away from the info you’re giving. Not sure why you tubers think you need music, this is not a music video?


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