Did you know that belly fat is not just ugly to look at but is also the most dangerous kind of fat there is? Yes, you read it right, folks. People with belly fat have a …



  1. Hall forgot many of the basic, fast acting calorie burning exercises like BURPEES, ALT. JUMP LUNGES. You can’t forget those basic two. The other core workouts aren’t ones I suggest y’all scrolling the comments to do if you’re trying to lose over 20 lbs of weight, Bc you can’t target weight loss in one area. Core only slightly burns calories, helping you lose weight a very small amount, and it strengthens your core. So if you’re expecting to see dramatic changes to your abs, I’d suggest doing the first two exercises in sweatpants for maximum affect. Good luck everyone!

  2. Okay y’all. I’m not trying to get likes but using this for fun. I don’t want to be that kind of person, but every like means a sit up for me. I’m struggling with my weight and have been for years. So like I said, I don’t want to be that kind of person but it would mean a lot if y’all could help me out a bit by leaving a like so I can use a semi-fun way to see how many sit-ups I can do. ❤️

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