Standing abs workout to eliminate your lower abdomen and get rid of belly fat. You will notice a change in 30 days with this express routine, you can do at home.



  1. Susana you are doing great job luv u. You are my favorite trainer . So dear plz on your fan request make a video on reduce hips and lower part of body.. make a new video with fast result . I'm getting married in December .. so plz help out your big fan.. lots of love.❤❤❤

  2. Susana I love all your exercises I didn't lose weight but my body started getting in shape n I got change in Inch i lost 2_3 inches in 3months but mam can you make some videos on upper stomach abs love you mam from India🇮🇳 God bless you

  3. i didnt measure my weight but my waist line reduced by 2 inches and my thighs also reduced by 1.5 inches..i followed ur exercises for just 1 month nd i m seeing the results..i m doing ur waist exercises, thigh exercises nd this lower abs workout..thigh exercises r really tough i can do just 2 sets..also m checking on my diet too..thnku susan u r best youtube trainer i have ever seen..lots of love from india ❤

  4. Omg I came across this workout a few days ago .. girl I want to thank you a 100% you change my life already in a few days I went to the gym and cancelled my membership your workout is so effective omg I love it . Thank you again .

  5. Susana yabar l from Nicaragua but l live in U.s.a but my point is l do you videos Exercise you was saying we havethe appreciate you but this us that we have appreciate our self this what do you was saying


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