50 year old Funk takes you through a 10 minute bodyweight workout for men over 40. Perfect workout no equipment workout to help burn fat and calories and …



  1. Damn this is killer work out and I do mma but have not done mma in a month because of corona and have not really worked out but this was a killer one 💪

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  3. Writing this comment from Bangalore India. During lockdown in india starting last week of March, I started using this video to follow the workout. I started with just one set and in a week's time increased it to three. It's May end so nearly two months and I have lost around 10 kgs. My diet is more or less same. More importantly my belly is almost gone! Now I have just added another 4 minutes work out from same guy to focus on my abs! This workout regime is just too good! Thanks for publishing this on YouTube where anyone sitting in any corner of the world can get benefited from it.

  4. I start this workout Monday and do two rounds every day.. i was thinking: "Nice, 30 seconds for exercise and 30 seconds rest".. but its not that easy.. yesterday (Friday) i made 3 rounds and almost die.. 😂
    but im very motivated to do more different workouts guided by you.

  5. I have started this workout I just have a couple of questions? I can only do half press ups I'm able to do 12 no problems up to 5 rounds but when I attempt a full one I can only achieve 6 has anyone any ideas how long it will take to do full press ups to 12? I have been doing this for 3 months. Also is this workout ok to do daily I do every second day?

  6. Bro I need your help I hope this reaches you! I really like your workouts and knowledge of how this body works I am trying to save my life man! 3yrs ago I had a massive heart attack in my widow artery I was only 38 a young wife with young kids I can't Afford to leave them unguided in these perilous times. I went to work right away it was 2017 I lost 86 lbs but since then I put back on 14lbs I am scared as a diabetic this fight has been tough. I tested my blood sugar it was 164 knowing that the insulin makes me gain weight i tried this workout instead of my insulin afterwards it dropped down to 124 the doctor wants me no higher than 130 help me win this fight???? Please


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