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  1. I have been doing IF for about 16 months and find that 16/8 is WAY TOO BIG of an eating window. To me that is basically a "normal" eating day/regimen.
    I usually do IF for 18/6, 20/4, 22/2. IMO that is more actual true IF rather than 16/8.

  2. Thank you for another great video. It just so happens my boss today was talking about fasting to get rid of his belly. So he started his fast today. Not eating anything for 24 hours. After seeing this video I quickly copied the link and pasted it in messenger to him.

  3. In addition to my last comment and as a young 60 year old man (that feels better than when in his 30's), I've noticed I've got a lot of tight muscles. My last visit to my chiropractor he suggested buying a posture pole (this is a long hard foam, half round that you lay your spine on). It's been working wonders as it's been correcting my posture, setting my shoulders back and when I stretch my arms out to the side slowly raising them while palms facing up, it been pulling at my pecs and though I haven't quite gotten them over my head yet, it's slowly stretching my pecs so I can. So my first goal at this stage is to loose these tight muscles before anything else. I am lean, have no fat and sugar free and junk food free. I eat 3-4 raw farm fresh eggs a day in my protein smoothie with a little whey and Stevia.
    Thanks again guys for you valuable videos.

  4. Waaaaay too much emphasis put on the word Diet. Its thrown around like its a bad thing or the end of the world . People need to realize we are ALL ON A DIET ! If you're not then your not eating and you will die. Another term that gags me is health food … all food is health food , good food = good health , poor food choices end in poor health. Stop scaring ppl and intimidating them with these and other completely irrelevant terms.

  5. Hi Mark,
    Love your videos. You wouldn't believe what I've finally mastered.
    I am 60 years young and want to share with you and those who choose to read this:
    An all Organic (chemical free) Natural plant protein drink that taste fabulous. Yum! Yum! I wanted to make more but my wife told me not to be a glutton LOL. It's sugar free, all home grown greens and packed full of vitamins and minerals. It didn't take an overnight process, it took over a few years of experimenting and trial by error. Since 2016 when I found my cure for type 2 diabetes and shocked the medical profession. My (so called health care professional) wasn't really happy cause I threw away the drugs and insulin injections that were making me more sick. I listened to my body and now I'm creating my own every day smoothie with sugar free ingredients. I've been giving some to my friends that need it and now my new formula they'll be over the moon about. In 3 months of 2016 I've lost 30 kg without fancy diets and simply fasted. Most of my day I go without eating a thing, then breaking my fast with a smoothie just before dinner. One meal I use is the "Testosterone Booster soup" from Clark Bartrum and I also use his Testosterone Boosting Smoothie recipe. I have lots of fresh farm eggs each week and the farmer delivers them. Before I break my fast I workout. I have lots of healthy fats and it's beginning to show. I found the most important aspect of diet and lifestyle change is to listen to your body. But this doesn't mean you can listen to your cravings (which are deceiving most of the time), most people who have been living on mainstream (so called normal diets) don't realise the PINEAL GLAND is being affected by the water we drink. Tap water is so full of dangerous chemicals and this is another area where I've been testifying to people how they need to clean their watering system by installing "Whole House Filter" system. It will awaken this gland and make people think more clearer and be more spiritual aware. Once all is in place, then they see the bigger picture of what the food and pharmaceutical industry is doing. The mainstream foods from supermarkets makes them sick, then, they seek medical help, medical help gives them drugs, they feel well, then off to the supermarket they go again and the cycle begins again over and over.
    Just thought I'd share this small testimony with you.
    God Bless,

  6. Mark Mcilyar I'm on Keto & into burning my last few pounds on my lower Abs. Not much is left though & I DON'T have love handles. Should I still do 16/8 I.F. ? My belly is flat already & i'm already a few pounds below my ideal weight, so I'm already quite lean it's just that my lower Abs still has a little bit of fats left but on it's way slowly out. I'm afraid if I do 16/8 I.F. I would lose more weight on the wrong parts of my body & not in my lower Abs below the belly button (above my belly button has no fats already my 6 packs are clear).

  7. Eat one meal a day is that fasting? I thought whole day not eat then count fasting like more than at least 26 hours. I do that 2 days a week, like do every day one meal but too hard, 2 pm my breakfast or snacks then 9pm is my dinner, mostly vegan food.


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