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  1. This is the first time seeing your videos. I think you look terrific..don't look "56"…which IS just a number. So many variables affect how we look at a certain age. (mostly genetics).

    As we age, we have to change our diets and exercise routines. What worked for us in our 20's might not be the right way to go and continue with in our 40's…and so on. Having a "proper diet" is so important and doing the right kinds of exercise for our goals (e.g. weight loss? Loose as much body fat as we can to look "shredded"–still possible after 50, put on muscle mass?). Some of us have medical issues to contend with too at the same time. Others do not.

    Like you, I'm not an expert or was never an athlete. Just some one working on a better version of me. I'm male..near my mid 50's. And began lifting weights again in my late 40's. Gradually refining my diet. Learning what works better for me and what foods I should be eating and what to avoid (as much processed foods as possible…man-made).

    Some people NEED to know to fine tune their diets/exercise as they age.

  2. Low carb for me! I became prediabetic at menopause, and I’ve sorted that with not-quite-Keto-level of carb, but low carb, no more than 100g a day, and that is very do-able. Also got HRT, and started weight training, and drinking plenty water as my joints used to ache so much from dehydration

  3. I just turned 56 and have pretty much maintained that flat stomach and big boobs which never seemed to change even when I loose weight, which is like 2lbs if I'm lucky. Thank goodness that I have no problem in this area because I'm not one to go hardcore and dont need to as I'm toned.

  4. Love love looove your videos Angie, you come across so knowledgeable and truthful . You look amazing too ..right now I'm struggling with my sugar intake. 🙄 This video has inspired me today to get it under control .thank you .lots of love from London UK. Xx

  5. This diet plan “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) is totally awesome! Second time using this guidebook and also have witnessed an enormous change in my bodyweight! After 14 days, I lost my 10lbs of my very own weight. The details that was offered will help improve your entire body from the inside out! .

  6. I started keto when the new year hit. I often times wonder how that’s going to impact my cholesterol. I’ve never had high cholesterol in my life.

    My biggest problem has been my weight yo-yoing since I was a child. I’ll be really overweight then average weight, back and forth throughout the years. It’s very frustrating.

    When I’m overweight I eat constantly and when I’m average weight which for me is 120-145, I’m always hungry and thinking about when the next time I can eat is.

    Anyway, since I’ve been on the keto diet, not only have I lost my appetite but I don’t think about food. I think the fat in the foods sustains me for longer periods of time. It’s the first time in my life where I’m not obsessed with food..I feel “normal”

    once I get off keto, I will be doing low-carb.

    You’re definitely an inspiration for me and I hope to see more videos like this in the future. I’m 36 and you’re doing better than me 😉
    But I find that you motivate me.♥️

  7. I love Angie & respect her routine! What I have a small issue with is her focus on limiting herself to achieve an unrealistic body type. It’s not always “healthy” to be consumed with counting sugars & calories. Some people will never a have Angie’s body because they are different, strong and maybe more dense. Comparison is the enemy.

  8. I adore watching you. Thank you for taking the time to share all that you do with us. I do have a question for you. Do you drink alcohol and if so when and how much? I’ve heard we “crave” it more in menopause and was wondering how you deal with the cravings. Thank you Angie!


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