OPEN ME SIS This week’s weight loss challenge: Vapor Rub Vicks Hack – Watch until the end for the results! Like | Share | Subscribe WAIST TRAINER + CLING …



  1. I would have to try this but re-measure myself at the end of the day after I took the wrap off just to see how lasting the results are. I would have to be on some type of all-day fast or something, tho.

  2. Yesss Hun I’ve Decided To Do It Then Going In The Sauna Need All Inches Gone Thighs Stomach Arms Knees 🤣 Wish Me Progress I Know This Stuff Works 💯 Thanks For Your Update Hun🥰❤️

  3. I have the same sweat belt and forgot where I ordered it from. It diigggggsss in to your skin guys. The boning is something serious I hate wearing it. I found a better one now 👍🏾😁

  4. omg i didn’t this and in the morning i went to get it off and i throw it away and my mom has the audacity to come to my bathroom and shower (because my dad was showering in there bathroom) and she found it in the garage and she asked who was it and i haven’t told her that it was me 🥺😂😂

  5. First of all, your spine decompresses as you sleep, so you always look slimmer after you wake up. Second of all, all you did was compress your fat, much like you do with a corset, you didn't burn anything. I'd like to see you do this again and let us see you after whole day cause this is bunk. Only way to burn fat is working out, period.


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