In this video, I’ll be sharing the top 5 yoga poses to remove belly fat. These yoga poses are great for beginners. Come and join me in this beginner yoga for …



  1. Nav-asana is boat pose which means the English word Navy came from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) just like so many other English words. So interesting.

  2. When I took YTT, they had us (the students) do yoga for two straight hours sometimes.
    I'm glad to hear that going overboard is not in service of your body. Everyone (on every level -beginner to advanced), was so sore the next day.
    I'm glad that I wasn't wrong and it wasn't my fault when I.thought that it was over kill.
    Everything in balance!
    Good video, Brett. Namaste

  3. Thank you for this video! I was looking for it! I do morning yoga almost every day, love the way how it energized me for the day. And I am adding this yoga ( solar plexus) to my daily routing . Will post update in a month.
    Thank you!

  4. These excersices can definitely tone the core or mid-section, but when it comes to burning over-all body fat doing steady state cardio using large muscle groups proved the most effective in tests. Also, most fitness experts will have you know that losing fat is related to total caloric dietary intake.

  5. Thank God I was looking for this kind of explanation. Brett you almost eased my life. All these guys are just like me. Now I got the confidence that I can reduce my belly fat. Than you so much 😘 😘😘

  6. this is actually so cool, i don't think i've ever seen this approach to a yoga video before. we get to see an expert performing the postures as an example of how it should be done, and then a demonstration of a beginner or more inexperienced person doing the poses while receiving detailed instruction for alignment and modifications. such a good idea! and i love that you have a male student doing it too, because in my 20+ years in and out of yoga classes, i still only ever see at most 20% males in classes. i want to see more men inspired to practice yoga, and you guys are making it look accessible for men. thank you!


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