Over 50? This is how you lose unhealthy belly fat fast! Today we are going to be focusing on a study that looked at people over 50 and it compared different …



  1. … well researched contributions,.. I appreciate .
    But I disagree on cholesterol. The brain needs large amounts of cholesterol for cell maintenance. Likewise micro injuries of the vessels are repaired by means of Cholesterin. High cholesterol levels indicate other problems, I think.
    Therefore, there are actually no too high cholesterol levels.
    Burn victims, for example, are recommended to eat many whole eggs.
    Best regards & stay healthy Laurence

  2. Wise words again 🙂 sometimes when it gets warmer it is not easy to enjoy high resistance workout since we have no air condition in the gym. I recognize it with my blood circulation being more exhausting 🙁

  3. I would be curious to see the same test re-run but this time with a lower carb higher fat diet. 50% of calories from carbs seems silly these days given the overwhelming research showing that carbs are the culprit for a lot of modern disease.

  4. I used to be fit and in good shape: now I'm 38 and constantly feel tired, depressed, belly fat, no energy, no motivation. I'm stuck in a negative spiralling cycle. I feel half dead already. Negative thoughts, negative lifestyle, negative body…horrible.

  5. Hey Lawrence, another interesting vid, thanks chap. I think you've just become my fitness goal, I saw your stats down below and we're similar, though I'm 46, an inch shorter, 15% BF and 10lbs heavier… so I need to step it up. Thanks for the inspiration bro, I'm heading for the gym!

  6. Hi Lawrence, have been a subscriber and watch all your videos. I think you provide the best info for us 50+ year old there is! One question – how much moderate cardio do you need to do in order to get results? Can you give a quick example or two of what you would recommend? I don't mind high intensity weight training, but cardio is always a mystery to me. Thanks in advance!

  7. Anybody, can you please help? So far for me, there’s nothing that would be both fun and endurance training (yes, that does include intimacies with my girlfriend). I find the usual endurance activities (running, biking) tedious and painful. Does anybody have ideas?

  8. I'll be 43 next month and I'm so happy that I've made this journey can losing weight now then when I'm in my fifties because it's been a struggle the past 3 years to lose everything that I've lost and gained what I have gained

  9. Whoa, you look better now at 53 than you did in your 30s! Not that I blame you; I'm in my mid-30s now and I have plenty of friends with first-borns and second-borns. Kids, especially infants, take away sleep, take away time, take away energy. No one looks their best during that trying, exhausting period of time, which is when I assume that picture at 0:29 took place


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