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  1. You need to be careful saying things like "Vicks is not a natural product it has chemicals in it" because every single form of matter in the universe is comprised of chemicals- including natural products, your waist trainers and your entire self. If you want people to trust in your waist trainers and the science behind it you need to be more intelligent with your choice of scientific words.

  2. Did you know that you have billions of bacteria on you right now and that your skin cells that have that bacteria on them are constantly flaking off as new skin cells are growing under the skin cells that are flaking off

  3. Coconut oil doesnt make you lose the inches over night though. Soooooo yea.. I've tried both. She's right though coconut oil is good for you but it wont help you lose weight and i find it ironic most females do waist trainers everyday but cant do the saran wrap every other day?

  4. I doing exercises every day also to rid of my bally fat but it's its not show results that I expecting.. I do hard workout to get rid of my bally fat especially my lower bally fat.. So I really want to get flat stomach.. So please suggest me to get rid of this bally fat.. 😩


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