If you are finding a method on how to lose belly fat naturally, this video is for you. The drink we have for you today will cut through your excess belly fat and …



  1. When someone comments the video it helps others. But most comments do not help at all. Let me give an example of how to make a helpful comment. A person says "I lost 10 pounds", that's not a lie, but a person does not say its weight. If a 300 pounds person loses 10 it's good, but if a 180 person loses 10 pounds it's more than amazing.

  2. I tried this a year and a half ago. I know I lost between 35 to 40 pounds. If anything, make it with warm water and drink it with a straw. Stick with it and you will see the results.

  3. I've made mine tonight beforr but i needed to normal vinegar and honey cos thats all i had and the cinnamon. I've already lost 14 kilos eating 6sml meals a day now i can drink this too. Yay. Keep you all updated

  4. Always people ask who's scrolling to check whether it's working or not. Y people don't say their experience after trying this… That's what people expect.its really irritating to see same comments everywhere… Asking the question who's scrolling.. stop this.. don't do this to gain likes… Pls share experience

  5. Okay I'm going to try this tomorrow but I do have a question what kind of honey I didn't get that I didn't know they sell raw honey? Any who I'm still going to try this and I will let anybody know if I loose something? Lol see ya in two weeks😝


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