Hey Guys! For this video I wanted to share how i lost the 45 pounds that I gained while pregnant! I also added pictures of before i was pregnant, while i was …



  1. If u don’t eat past 7 how come u produced milk for ur baby ? Here where I live they say that if v don’t eat proper food v can’t give enough proteins to our baby through milk !! ACC to ur concept I don’t understand like how to reduce that wght ?

  2. I just want to share how I gained my well-shaped body again after giving birth. I am a mother of 4 and I always go back to this process wwwdotclkmgdotcom/HealthyMe/HotMommaAgain (please change the word DOT into period)

  3. Girl! I started watching and you’re JUST like me with the workout thing! I prefer activities that don’t necessarily feel like a workout! Super motivational video, food (quality, not quantity) is the biggest thing for me! Plus being a new mom and trying to make sure all of his needs are met – i often forget about myself! Thanks girlie, you look amazing!

  4. I’m 6 weeks and 3 day postpartum. And I’m exclusively breastfeeding, how were you able to manage taking care of you while breastfeeding? If you breast fed. Hope it’s not to personal to ask. 😊

  5. Needed to hear this. bad… just had two babies back to back pregnancies and find myself in a deep dark place,..don't know how to get up in the mornings and can't seem to get myself doing anything but the minimal. I'm finally starting to pick up my pace only a little like I once was and can kind of accept what I see in the mirror, but its not enough. I feel a little less lost after watching this.

  6. Your story is identical to mine!! I am 4 foot 9 I had a C-section ❤️ I was always size 7 (117-120) now after 2 kids back to back both C-sections I am 140ish pounds. Following your advice and seeing where it goes!

  7. I also gained 45-50lbs during pregnancy. Stretch marks are what I dislike so far postpartum wise. I am 5'2 and started at 110lbs pre-pregnancy and now 145-150 so trying to get to 130ish

  8. I gained 55pounds during my 1st pregnancy and i lost it all in 10months and i hardly exercised. 😅 now i ganed 15kg on my 2nd baby and i still have 3 more months b4 giving birth
    .. hopefuly i will still lose it all like the 1st one.

  9. Hi Lola! You sound a lot like me! I'm also short (5'2") and right now I'm 145 lbs. Id love to get back to the 120s again. You mentioned that you still had rice during your diet. Did you limit it at all? Did you have brown rice?


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