This video is a full guide on how to lose belly fat after pregnancy. In this video I talk about tips, exercises and share a diet plan which will help you to lose weight …



  1. Api m brest feed krwati hun jis ki waja se mj bhuk bhot lagti h ….mara 2 oprt hoye 2 baby girl hn marii..plzzzz mj exercise btye or dait b btye k mari bhuk khtm ho jy or waith b zaida na ho

  2. Hello Assalamualaikum…I am from Bangladesh…I have 2 question for you… 1.If I exercise in my home then it will be possible to loss fat??? 2.When is the best time for exercise during the romadan??? My English is not good so sorry for that… Please try to understand my message and please answer this question…


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