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  1. I started my journey into fitness about a year ago, with a starting point of about 25%. I started tracking my calories this summer and my proteins more recently. Even though I am in a caloric deficit and I see results in the mirror my scale tells me that my bf is always around 14%…doesn't the scale work properly or am I fucking up something?

  2. That study you mention, which had only 24 athletes is the only study mentioned in various fitness channels (Jeff Nippard, Jeremy Ethier, Greg Doucete). But as far as I know, it hasn't been replicated, aren't there any more similar studies?

  3. Okay so first I always wanted to do a slow cut, which was unnecessarily long and I'm still not really satisfied with the result ; and now I wanted to bulk but didn't know whether I should eat at maintenance or ever so slightly above, and so I'm very exactly in this grey zone you're speaking of… I felt like something was off but wasn't too sure what ; now I see it clearly. Thanks for enlightening us !

  4. Hey buddy ! Been watching some of your videos. Great info and appreciate it. Keep em coming.

    Advocating slow cuts and not hardcore cuts to me is about the pain level your putting yourself in. It affects just about everything in your everyday life. I have been helping people with their diets since i myself lost 25 kg in 1 year doing IF + workouts 4 times a week.

    People that dont have an athlete mindset cant stand it. Give up after 1 week or 2.

    Have a good one ! 😎🤙🏼

  5. I lost about 50 lbs this year with IF. I'm currently 6'4 215lbs. I've plateued hardcore at about 18% body fat.. I guess I need to look up some meals plans. I have a hard time getting anywhere near 200 grams of protein a day.

  6. Very in formative! Exactly what i wanted. I always had been hard time in slow cut. I didnt make any progress while i was doing slow cut in a year. Now ill gonna change the way. U tend to suggest different kind of view in videos. I like that. Thanks bro

  7. When you cut hard for more than a month your metabolism falls through the floor. Cut hard and transition to slow loss then transition to maintenance then to gaintenance (I just made that up, copyright). If you cut too hard and then try to gain you'll just pack on much of the fat you lost because your metabolism is low. Turn it around slowly , at least a month.

  8. One question. In your video on how long to get a 6 pack, you mention 12 weeks as a number that is unrealistic, and that it will take twice as long.
    Are these 2 videos targeted at two different groups of people?

  9. Awesome video with some great info, especially from those scientific studies. I'm currently cutting on 2160kcal from 175 at 13.5% bf and hope to get to 8-9% in 8 weeks (my activity level is extremely active). I'll get there faster and then lean bulk for LIFFFFFE (not srs… kinda srs…)

  10. I'm on my first proper cut, six weeks in now. I was initially losing around 1.5 lbs a week, now for the past three weeks it's been more like 1.9 lbs a week so to me that is pretty aggressive (my current weight is 147 lbs). I've plateaued and gradually been losing strength on the bench, overhead press and squat. My deadlift and weighted chins are making slow progress. I was definitely worried about whether I was cutting too fast but after watching your video I think I'll stick to this plan until I get down to 10-12% body fat. There'll be plenty of time after that to build some real muscle 🙂

  11. Love this video Mario. I have been trying to cut for so long at a 5oo cal def. But it seems like I lose a pound here and there then pick up a pound. What def do you recommend 1000 cal a day? im 6' 225 about 21% BF 45 years old

  12. I think this is the Garthe et al 2011 study Menno Henselmans mentioned in his seminar that i visited last year in Amsterdam. I have a good experience with a deficit about 19-20%. I even gained muscle.

  13. Thanx for the video .. can u make a video about cutting and bulking for teenagers please ..
    and is it effecting the the growth and the body . if anybody got an Answer for my question replay please ^^

  14. I need a surplus or deficit of at least 800-1000 calories. If I only add or take out 300-700 I feel my metabolism just speeds up or slows down to compensate. Adaptive thermogenesis?

  15. Hey Mario….. I would like to lose about 100 pounds of fat but what scares me is the fact of having loose skin. Is there anything you would suggest to avoid or at least minimize that side affect? Would rather be leaner with extra skin though than fat.

  16. hello mario, i want to ask about which one should i do between 'going on fast cut but unsufficient protein' or 'stay on slow cut with more sufficient protein'? because after around 3 weeks of doing this slow cut, i hardly see any weight changes (fluctuating 0.2-0.4 kilos). and also, considering your video with Menno Henselmans, is it really possible that what happened to me is i lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

  17. so one question, after the fat losing phase, when I start to step into the bulking phase, do I need to take more calories than mine basic daily calories? And does it mean my body fat will start to go up again? Thanks!

  18. Hey man, sounds good…I've been trying to lose a lot of fat & lost quite a bit over a long period, but summer is around the corner here & i really need faster results…Pls help me ( i'm currently doing tons of different exercises like sprinting, jogging, weight lifting, HITT training….everyday something different)


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